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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2412 Unbrake getNextVolley zzz enhancement major router/transport 0.9.38
#1865 Issues in macOS jbigi and jcpuid with i2p-0.9.27/core/c/jbigi/ and i2p-0.9.27/core/c/jcpuid/ zzz defect minor other 0.9.27
#2090 i2p.streaming.* options don't work from router.config zzz enhancement minor streaming 0.9.32
#2675 PacketBuilder blown up by wrong fragment size zzz defect minor router/transport 0.9.44

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2425 Bootstrap nodes are unreachable str4d defect critical apps/plugins 0.9.38
#1481 i2pbote does not allow own addresses on SMTP if long (NTRU) str4d defect major apps/plugins 0.9.18
#1730 I2P-Bote Android: FC when adding attachment Meeh defect major apps/plugins 0.9.23
#1941 Android: Failed to reseed on old versions Meeh defect major apps/android 0.9.28
#2404 Android OnBootReceiver java.lang.IllegalStateException Meeh defect major apps/android 0.9.38
#2500 No new email able to write bote plugin Meeh defect major apps/plugins 0.9.40
#2592 libjetty NPE on debian 0.9.41-8 str4d defect major apps/plugins 0.9.41
#2601 Bote: Don't bundle Tomcat jars str4d defect major apps/plugins 0.9.41
#2644 Bote does not start after updating to 0.9.43 str4d defect major apps/plugins 0.9.43
#2685 I2P-Bote: Support sig types str4d defect major apps/plugins 0.9.44
#1443 I2P-Bote: Synchronize sent messages across multiple devices str4d enhancement minor apps/plugins 0.9.17
#1444 I2P-Bote Android: Address book import and export Meeh enhancement minor apps/plugins 0.9.17
#1462 I2P-Bote: option to fake a timezone when checking emails str4d enhancement minor apps/plugins 0.9.17
#1467 Mailing lists for Bote str4d enhancement minor apps/plugins 0.9.17
#1474 i2pbote email creation uses 100% of web browser (javascript) str4d defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.17
#1490 I2P-Bote: manual bootstrap str4d enhancement minor apps/plugins 0.9.18
#1537 Android profiles for initial config Meeh enhancement minor apps/android 0.9.19
#1560 Ubuntu 15.04 --> systemd --> start script i2prouter villain enhancement minor wrapper 0.9.19
#1623 I2P-Bote: single-size packets str4d enhancement minor apps/plugins 0.9.20
#1729 Android 'please restart' message after no config changes Meeh defect minor apps/android 0.9.22
#1734 I2P-Bote Android: Handle content share Meeh enhancement minor apps/plugins 0.9.23
#1747 "A Day in the Life of I2P" sadie enhancement minor www/i2p 0.9.23
#1753 A minor, but more inclusive, 'we're proud of this code' nit: z3r0fox enhancement minor installer 0.9.24
#1756 http://i2p-projekt.i2p/en/blog/ (news) : translations are not applied str4d defect minor www/i2p
#1781 Crawling: i2p2.i2p recursive source loops str4d defect minor www/i2p 0.9.24
#1805 Tunnels page : rename 'Refresh' to 'Refresh the page' ? sadie enhancement minor apps/i2ptunnel 0.9.26
#1809 Warning on SSU documentation page sadie defect minor www/i2p 0.9.26
#1851 Invisible text in Google Chrome when viewing Bote str4d defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.26
#1885 Clearnet Download Mirror Links to .b32.i2p address sadie defect minor www/i2p 0.9.27
#1891 Github PR: Hamcrest and Junit references added #11 by lukepadlp str4d task minor unspecified 0.9.28
#1892 ERROR [le Jetty-407] i2p.bote.util.GeneralHelper : Can't save contact to address book. str4d defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.28
#1910 Separate password caches for I2P-Bote WebUI and IMAP str4d defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.28
#1926 Ring Signatures for I2P Bote str4d enhancement minor apps/plugins 0.9.28
#1930 Maven: Add jbigi.jar Meeh defect minor package/maven 0.9.28
#1942 Always invisible text on Pale Moon browser sadie defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.28
#1945 I2P-Bote: Multiple errors str4d defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.28
#1957 ERROR [te #25449]: ] I2PSession returned a null message: msgId=32603772, size=15820, Session: Ylfa[OPEN I2P-Bote #25449]: str4d defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.29
#1983 i2pbote SMTP service announces STARTTLS, but doesn't support TLS by default str4d defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.29
#1999 armbian: i2p : Depends: libjbigi-jni but it is not installable slumlord defect minor package/debian 0.9.30
#2087 Enhancements to Susimail idk enhancement minor apps/susimail 0.9.32
#2101 Enhancements to SusiDNS idk enhancement minor apps/susidns 0.9.32
#2102 UX enhancements to jetty eepsite server sadie enhancement minor apps/jetty 0.9.32
#2145 Enhancements to Tunnel Manager server throttler Zlatin Balevsky enhancement minor apps/i2ptunnel 0.9.32
#2192 Update viewmtn links on website sadie defect minor www/i2p 0.9.33
#2210 Bote: Could not initialize class org.jfree.chart.JFreeChart Meeh defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.34
#2212 User-friendliness: open links in new tabs sadie enhancement minor apps/console 0.9.34
#2226 Bote HTTP ERROR 500 str4d defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.34
#2323 configuring i2p with dpkg autostart doesnt work Masayuki Hatta defect minor package/debian 0.9.36
#2393 content : write a guide to creating very light (small file size) sites sadie enhancement minor apps/jetty 0.9.39
#2396 Datagram support in Twisted Python SAM bridge enhancement minor apps/SAM 0.9.37
#2400 Don't require restart to change release number sadie defect minor www/i2p 0.9.38
#2414 Migrate more pages to specs sadie defect minor www/i2p 0.9.38
#2420 Add active tunnel count to Snark totals idk enhancement minor apps/i2psnark 0.9.38
#2430 Problems WIth Website When Using Right-to-left Languages sadie defect minor www/i2p 0.9.38
#2495 SusiDNS: Move 'Add destination' and 'Import Hosts.txt' panels to new page sadie enhancement minor apps/susidns 0.9.39
#2501 bote show "install JCE unlimited strnght policy" despite being installed Meeh defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.40
#2502 I2P bote UT8 errror on creating new ID Meeh defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.40
#2526 change ssl port from 4444 to 4445 Meeh defect minor apps/browser 0.9.40
#2538 Increase security bar for I2P websites TLS Meeh defect minor www/i2p 0.9.40
#2585 Add support for v3 onion services in Orchid enhancement minor apps/plugins 0.9.41
#2587 Support running onion services in Orchid enhancement minor apps/plugins 0.9.41
#2625 Remove QoS throttle on MacOS Meeh defect minor installer 0.9.42
#2667 Podman/Docker Meeh defect minor package/docker 0.9.43
#2674 MuWire network speed/ ticket issue Zlatin Balevsky enhancement minor apps/plugins 0.9.43
#2683 limits on trac tight Meeh defect minor other 0.9.44
#2695 Include snark-rpc in the distribution idk enhancement minor apps/i2psnark 0.9.44
#1482 I2P-Bote: multi user support str4d enhancement maintenance apps/plugins 0.9.18
#1483 I2P-Bote: half-logged-in (for mail fetching) str4d enhancement maintenance apps/plugins 0.9.18
#1484 I2P-Bote: batching delete packets str4d enhancement maintenance apps/plugins 0.9.18
#1493 I2P-Bote: IMAP threading broken str4d defect maintenance apps/plugins 0.9.18
#2158 Console should display 403 errors using console error template enhancement maintenance apps/console 0.9.33
#2569 Backport fixes for mozilla bug 1552627 and 1549833 Meeh defect maintenance apps/browser 0.9.41
#1859 Outdated #fragments for common-structures in Network Database + Tunnel Routing page sadie defect trivial www/i2p 0.9.26
#2236 Post spreadshirt link on the main website sadie enhancement trivial www/i2p 0.9.34

Status: closed (22 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1806 0.9.26 Debian fails dependencies defect blocker installer 0.9.26
#1768 all eepsites unreachable after a few hour zzz defect critical apps/i2ptunnel 0.9.24
#1814 I2P-Bote not sending messages after upgrade from 0.3 to 0.4.3 defect critical apps/plugins 0.9.26
#1884 CRIT [uterWatchdog] 2p.router.tasks.RouterWatchdog: Router appears hung, or there is severe network congestion defect critical unspecified 0.9.27
#1905 0.9.28 crashes on Debian GNU/Linux 8.6 (jessie) , full err log in description killyourtv defect critical api/utils 0.9.28
#2025 Fehler 500: /logs javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space zzz defect critical apps/i2psnark 0.9.31
#2556 FireFox CVE-2019-11707: Type confusion in Array.pop Meeh defect critical apps/browser n/a
#1466 misconfigured over http backup defect major www/reseed 0.9.17
#1486 i2psnark sometimes fails to write pieces zzz defect major apps/i2psnark 0.9.18
#1516 Router freezes for about one minute on UPnP port map hang zzz defect major router/transport 0.9.18
#1520 Message delay increase and random freezes after update to 0.9.18-20-rc from 0.9.18-18-rc defect major unspecified 0.9.19
#1526 Unable to access folders/files containing square brackets in Jetty defect major apps/jetty 0.9.19
#1559 Developer I2P versions do not recognise Vuze I2P plugin defect major api/i2cp 0.9.19
#1580 Use stronger DH parameters task major www/i2p 0.9.19
#1629 Tunnel has new b32 address defect major apps/i2ptunnel 0.9.21
#1765 I2P console shutdown doesnt match inside system shutdown killyourtv's backup acct defect major installer 0.9.24
#1780 App crashes at MTK str4d defect major apps/android 0.9.24
#1816 I am runing Linux mint 17, everything works perfeclty. Even the i2pbote loads correclty but does not allow me to send email or to add adresses. Could you please tell me how to solve this ASAP. I am new on this and I am not a programmer. defect major apps/plugins 0.9.26
#1833 Syndie v1.106b-4 and Freenet: '500 Internal Error' if Java v1.8 instead of 1.7 zzz defect major apps/syndie 0.9.26
#1888 preparer transition to pqc task major api/crypto 0.9.27
#1890 I2P v.0.9.27 immediately crashes on OS X Sierra defect major unspecified 0.9.27
#1932 error while sandboxing i2p with firejail killyourtv enhancement major wrapper 0.9.28
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