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#2032 , Session: svfk[OPEN I2P-Bote #45322] defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.31
#2049 Problem accessing /i2pbote/network.jsp , Reason: Server Error str4d defect major apps/plugins 0.9.31
#2111 Update Pebble plugin / killswitch defect major apps/plugins 0.9.32
#2282 plugin update check up should be after successful connection zzz defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.35
#2349 Android Bote str4d defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.37
#2573 Cant install plugin i2p-bote zzz defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.41
#2575 Orchid fails to download descriptors when useMicrodescriptors=false zzz defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.41
#2583 Orchid doesn't timeout unresolvable requests zzz defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.41
#2745 MuWire incompatible with OpenJDK 14 zlatinb defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.46
#2611 Use HEAD before attempting GET for susidns subscriptions enhancement minor apps/susidns 0.9.42
#1762 susimail password auto-complete (security enhancement) enhancement minor apps/susimail 0.9.24
#2195 Lost Connection to Susimail (Graphical Issue) defect minor apps/susimail 0.9.33
#2312 Susimail GUI login cached bypassing zzz defect minor apps/susimail 0.9.36
#2762 Susimail: Delete confirmation doesn't work (ie. canceling deletion does nothing, email deletes) zzz defect minor apps/susimail 0.9.46
#1772 Syndie v1.105b : when a archive ban a user, Syndie still tries to upload this user messages to this server defect minor apps/syndie 0.9.24
#1833 Syndie v1.106b-4 and Freenet: '500 Internal Error' if Java v1.8 instead of 1.7 zzz defect major apps/syndie 0.9.26
#1873 Signature of syndie-cli download defect minor apps/syndie 0.9.27
#1874 PGP key identification is unsafe defect minor apps/syndie 0.9.27
#1649 I2P 0.9.21 installer for Windows fails to install when Sandboxie internet restriction is active defect minor installer 0.9.21
#1765 I2P console shutdown doesnt match inside system shutdown killyourtv's backup acct defect major installer 0.9.24
#1806 0.9.26 Debian fails dependencies defect blocker installer 0.9.26
#1952 Bug with Starting I2P Router defect trivial installer 0.9.28
#2197 I2P 0.9.33 windows installer problem defect minor installer 0.9.33
#2208 run I2P with user privilege inside windows enhancement minor installer 0.9.34
#2250 Make I2P running inside any GNU/Linux distro usning AppImage enhancement minor installer 0.9.34
#2638 Properly set enhancement minor installer 0.9.42
#1612 imule issues defect minor other 0.9.20
#1640 options for solving #1456 task minor other 0.9.21
#1782 Patch for i2p.scripts/git/ task minor other 0.9.25
#1948 forum.i2p post failure defect minor other 0.9.28
#2135 help me ! Cann't open the forum zzz.i2p/ defect trivial other 0.9.32
#2515 Developing over Monotone is a security flaw - SHA1 break defect major other 0.9.40
#2614 issues with debian buster 0.9.42 defect major other 0.9.42
#2616 GitHub Repository Out of Date defect minor other 0.9.42
#1792 Debian package does hard restart of I2P on upgrade killyourtv defect minor package/debian 0.9.24
#2054 unstable i2p repo still installing the stable version zzz defect minor package/debian 0.9.31
#2316 perl warning Setting locale failed zzz defect minor package/debian 0.9.36
#1461 Reject tunnels if Linux's load average is above 1 defect minor router/general 0.9.17
#1496 delay own tunnels enhancement maintenance router/general 0.9.18
#1535 Unusual memory usage pattern defect minor router/general 0.9.19
#1546 Unload failed or unused tunnels before their timout if they are not expected to come alive enhancement minor router/general 0.9.19
#1547 Send death alarm to all peers if router is crashing and/or attempting forceful shutdown enhancement minor router/general 0.9.19
#1811 Fedora 24 Network: ERR-No Active Peers, Check Network Connection and Firewall defect minor router/general 0.9.26
#1950 "I2P service was never running" defect trivial router/general 0.9.28
#2040 plz help me defect minor router/general 0.9.31
#2041 critical error defect minor router/general 0.9.31
#2151 Option for I2CP Interface is without any function defect major router/general 0.9.33
#2314 Snark penalized under higher load enhancement major router/general 0.9.36
#2352 Single thread goes wild on ARM defect major router/general 0.9.37
#2353 Single thread goes wild on ARM defect major router/general 0.9.37
#2354 Single thread goes wild on ARM defect major router/general 0.9.37
#2369 Deprecate Oracle 8 on ARM enhancement minor router/general 0.9.37
#2379 NPE in ntcp reader defect minor router/general 0.9.37
#2380 Implement utility function clock.then() enhancement minor router/general 0.9.37
#2463 Include directive for server tunnel access list enhancement minor router/general 0.9.38
#2516 Prevent I2P from running twice sadie defect minor router/general 0.9.40
#2561 Increase by default defect minor router/general 0.9.41
#935 Estimate and set initial bandwidth limits based on reseed download rate zzz enhancement minor router/netdb 0.9.5
#2038 Pluggable Reseeding Logic enhancement minor router/netdb 0.9.31
#2322 Multiple identical router address fields in one routerInfo. zzz defect minor router/netdb 0.9.36
#2602 Simple Sybil Attack (ISP level attack) zzz research major router/netdb 0.9.41
#530 ERROR [P reader 2/4] .transport.ntcp.NTCPConnection: I2NP message too big zzz defect minor router/transport 0.8.8
#1177 Possible Maxmind GeoIP changes zzz task minor router/transport 0.9.9
#1441 I2P complains about firewalled ports over cryptostorm VPN zzz defect minor router/transport 0.9.18
#1470 Exception in thread simple timer zzz defect minor router/transport 0.9.17
#1516 Router freezes for about one minute on UPnP port map hang zzz defect major router/transport 0.9.18
#1527 Mitigate amplification attacks via SSU zzz defect minor router/transport 0.9.19
#1528 Mitigate amplification attacks via SSU zzz defect minor router/transport 0.9.19
#1579 UDP bad checksum zzz defect minor router/transport 0.9.19
#1590 atal Error] :3:25: The element type "NewExternalIPAddress" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "</NewExternalIPAddress>". zzz defect minor router/transport 0.9.19
#1925 [Fatal Error] :2:86: Attribute "xmlns" was already specified for element "root". defect minor router/transport 0.9.28
#1956 add sensors for Internet availability to i2p router zzz defect minor router/transport 0.9.29
#1978 Wrong UPNP selection zzz defect major router/transport 0.9.29
#2216 add random UDP/TCP port option str4d enhancement minor router/transport 0.9.34
#2256 NTCP1 incorporate NTCP2 features zzz enhancement minor router/transport 0.9.34
#2435 NTCP V2 inbound conns starved zzz defect minor router/transport 0.9.38
#2442 Option to disable SSU Peer Test zzz enhancement minor router/transport 0.9.38
#2651 do not warn of re-requests zzz enhancement minor router/transport 0.9.43
#1993 Not updated in console/router (wrapper) with commmand " defect major router/update 0.9.30
#2136 I2PSnark / Streaming Regression 0.9.32-20 defect minor streaming 0.9.32
#2464 Automatic blacklist management for server tunnels enhancement minor streaming 0.9.38
#2718 Streaming: TCP-Westwood enhancement minor streaming 0.9.45
#2033 trac errors when creating new topic or replying Meeh defect major trac 0.9.31
#2047 SMTPRecipientsRefused: {u'': (451, '4.3.0 <>: Temporary lookup failure')} Meeh defect minor trac 0.9.31
#2165 Edit the "Java JRE and SDK Support and Performance" wiki page Meeh task minor trac 0.9.33
#2180 Trac old stable and SSL certificate Meeh enhancement minor trac 0.9.33
#2209 @mail.i2p doesnt show inside trac text Meeh defect minor trac 0.9.34
#2254 Enable Trac notifications via susimail Meeh enhancement major trac 0.9.34
#2541 Trac Email Notification Too Noisy Meeh defect major trac 0.9.40
#2542 Changing Full name doesnt change account name Meeh defect minor trac 0.9.40
#2543 Add Version numbers of I2Pbrowser , I2Pbutton .. Meeh defect minor trac 0.9.40
#2544 Deprecate I2P-Bote specific issues since its migrated Meeh defect minor trac 0.9.40
#2545 ConnectionError: HTTPSConnectionPool(host='', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /hooks/9yiptwymnjyxze5rr846ubxa1e (Caused by NewConnectionError('<urllib3.connection.VerifiedHTTPSConnection object at 0x7f5360821e50>: Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno -2] Name or service not known',)) Meeh defect major trac 0.9.40
#2555 Warning: Can't synchronize with repository "(default)" (Unsupported version control system "git": Can't find an appropriate component, maybe the corresponding plugin was not enabled? ). Look in the Trac log for more information. Meeh defect minor trac 0.9.40
#2678 Emails from this Trac server go to my spam folder due to misconfigured SPF record Meeh defect minor trac 0.9.44
#1520 Message delay increase and random freezes after update to 0.9.18-20-rc from 0.9.18-18-rc defect major unspecified 0.9.19
#1521 Konqueror Display Issues Impacting i2p defect minor unspecified 0.9.19
#1533 p.router.transport.ntcp.Reader: Error in the ntcp reader defect minor unspecified 0.9.19
#1558 Handle two reachable router communication problems if it is blocked enhancement minor unspecified 0.9.19
#1570 "C1 CompilerThread0" increased CPU usage task maintenance unspecified 0.9.19
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