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#1878 Super Möglichkeit mit Zodiac defect trivial unspecified 0.9.27
#1880 Jetty log dir in portable defect minor apps/jetty 0.9.26
#1883 Couldn't initialize the InstanceManager required by Tomcat Jasper defect minor apps/jetty 0.9.27
#1884 CRIT [uterWatchdog] 2p.router.tasks.RouterWatchdog: Router appears hung, or there is severe network congestion defect critical unspecified 0.9.27
#1886 Add Monero QR code to donation page enhancement minor www/i2p 0.9.27
#1887 Hall-of-Fame has incorrect Monero currency code defect trivial www/i2p 0.9.27
#1888 preparer transition to pqc task major api/crypto 0.9.27
#1890 I2P v.0.9.27 immediately crashes on OS X Sierra defect major unspecified 0.9.27
#1898 Renaming _() methods Github PR #12 defect minor api/general 0.9.28
#1901 [uterWatchdog] client.ClientManagerFacadeImpl: Client V0ZU-Z has a leaseSet that expired 10m ago defect minor wrapper 0.9.28
#1905 0.9.28 crashes on Debian GNU/Linux 8.6 (jessie) , full err log in description killyourtv defect critical api/utils 0.9.28
#1908 Use compressed graphics to speed up i2p, eliminate duplicates enhancement trivial apps/console 0.9.28
#1909 Display realistic time remaining values in snark zzz enhancement minor apps/i2psnark 0.9.28
#1918 Need help after this command task minor unspecified 0.9.28
#1925 [Fatal Error] :2:86: Attribute "xmlns" was already specified for element "root". defect minor router/transport 0.9.28
#1932 error while sandboxing i2p with firejail killyourtv enhancement major wrapper 0.9.28
#1940 Clarify choices on address helper save page str4d enhancement minor apps/i2ptunnel 0.9.28
#1946 Bote possible NPE str4d defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.28
#1947 Copy of #1755: i2p-projekt.i2p's "Get Involved" page contains links to wrong Trac domain str4d defect minor www/i2p 0.9.28
#1948 forum.i2p post failure defect minor other 0.9.28
#1950 "I2P service was never running" defect trivial router/general 0.9.28
#1952 Bug with Starting I2P Router defect trivial installer 0.9.28
#1954 i2p upgrade depending on plugin upgrade defect major apps/plugins 0.9.29
#1956 add sensors for Internet availability to i2p router zzz defect minor router/transport 0.9.29
#1962 I2P repo key not fetchable via wget defect minor www/i2p 0.9.29
#1969 uter.startup.LoadClientAppsJob: Error starting up the client class net.i2p.router.web.RouterConsoleRunner defect major apps/jetty 0.9.29
#1970 java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unknown tag: Ar defect major apps/jetty 0.9.29
#1971 Client tunnels for shared clients "PERFORMANCE WARNING - Settings include high tunnel quantities." defect minor unspecified 0.9.29
#1978 Wrong UPNP selection zzz defect major router/transport 0.9.29
#1987 i2psnark system freeze/lockup on Linux raspberrypi 4.4.50-v7+ zzz defect minor apps/i2psnark 0.9.30
#1988 translations of website are not working task minor www/i2p 0.9.30
#1993 Not updated in console/router (wrapper) with commmand " defect major router/update 0.9.30
#2004 Link to paper on Sybil attack 404s. defect trivial www/i2p 0.9.30
#2010 CSS menus unusable on some tablets (missing :active) slumlord defect minor www/i2p 0.9.30
#2015 "Error starting the tunnel ...: null" error messages on 0.9.30-17-rc defect minor unspecified 0.9.30
#2025 Fehler 500: /logs javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space zzz defect critical apps/i2psnark 0.9.31
#2029 , Session: svfk[OPEN I2P-Bote #45322] defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.31
#2030 , Session: svfk[OPEN I2P-Bote #45322] defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.31
#2031 , Session: svfk[OPEN I2P-Bote #45322] defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.31
#2032 , Session: svfk[OPEN I2P-Bote #45322] defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.31
#2033 trac errors when creating new topic or replying Meeh defect major trac 0.9.31
#2034 client.SSLClientListenerRunner: Created self-signed certificate for I2CP defect minor unspecified 0.9.31
#2038 Pluggable Reseeding Logic enhancement minor router/netdb 0.9.31
#2040 plz help me defect minor router/general 0.9.31
#2041 critical error defect minor router/general 0.9.31
#2042 Do not lose .torrent's zzz enhancement minor apps/i2psnark 0.9.31
#2043 Legacy feeder flag zzz enhancement minor apps/i2psnark 0.9.31
#2047 SMTPRecipientsRefused: {u'': (451, '4.3.0 <>: Temporary lookup failure')} Meeh defect minor trac 0.9.31
#2049 Problem accessing /i2pbote/network.jsp , Reason: Server Error str4d defect major apps/plugins 0.9.31
#2050 Error: java.lang.NullPointerExeption defect minor unspecified 0.9.31
#2051 Error: java.lang.NullPointerExeption defect minor unspecified 0.9.31
#2052 java.awt.AWTError: Assistive Technology not found: org.GNOME.Accessibility.AtkWrapper defect minor apps/jetty 0.9.31
#2054 unstable i2p repo still installing the stable version zzz defect minor package/debian 0.9.31
#2074 Update on Ticket 2024 str4d defect minor apps/console 0.9.32
#2084 Allow filtering of javascript, plugins and redirects for the http client tunnel enhancement minor apps/i2ptunnel 0.9.32
#2091 IllegalStateException in DHSessionKeyBuilder precalc thread zzz defect minor apps/android 0.9.31
#2103 Add drag and drop field to /confighome to allow easy configuration of custom icons str4d enhancement minor apps/console 0.9.32
#2104 Show libJBIGI status in app Meeh enhancement minor apps/android 0.9.32
#2111 Update Pebble plugin / killswitch defect major apps/plugins 0.9.32
#2131 toopie head cut off for one-line proxy error sadie defect trivial apps/i2ptunnel 0.9.32
#2135 help me ! Cann't open the forum zzz.i2p/ defect trivial other 0.9.32
#2136 I2PSnark / Streaming Regression 0.9.32-20 defect minor streaming 0.9.32
#2143 Red text netdb page str4d defect trivial www/i2p 0.9.32
#2151 Option for I2CP Interface is without any function defect major router/general 0.9.33
#2153 Consolidate Port Mapper and Internal Server Sockets tables on /debug zzz enhancement trivial apps/console 0.9.33
#2154 translations on website are not applied str4d defect major www/i2p 0.9.33
#2165 Edit the "Java JRE and SDK Support and Performance" wiki page Meeh task minor trac 0.9.33
#2179 Wrapper version outdated defect minor wrapper 0.9.33
#2180 Trac old stable and SSL certificate Meeh enhancement minor trac 0.9.33
#2181 JCP and Jetty are outdated inside I2P defect minor unspecified 0.9.33
#2190 Enable optional gzip compression on HTTP server tunnel enhancement minor apps/i2ptunnel 0.9.34
#2194 Make service tunnels available sooner in the build process (and other tunnel enhancements) enhancement minor apps/i2ptunnel 0.9.33
#2195 Lost Connection to Susimail (Graphical Issue) defect minor apps/susimail 0.9.33
#2197 I2P 0.9.33 windows installer problem defect minor installer 0.9.33
#2207 Turn off I2P webserver (eepsite) inside Clients str4d defect minor apps/jetty 0.9.34
#2208 run I2P with user privilege inside windows enhancement minor installer 0.9.34
#2209 @mail.i2p doesnt show inside trac text Meeh defect minor trac 0.9.34
#2216 add random UDP/TCP port option str4d enhancement minor router/transport 0.9.34
#2218 Cleaning up 'Supported Applications' doc slumlord task minor www/i2p 0.9.34
#2222 Out of memory error causing router to crash defect minor unspecified 0.9.34
#2235 I2PSNARK Automatic highest priority for most rare pieces in swarm zzz enhancement minor apps/i2psnark 0.9.34
#2248 Changes to debian download page slumlord enhancement minor www/i2p 0.9.34
#2249 adding new firefox images slumlord enhancement minor www/i2p 0.9.34
#2250 Make I2P running inside any GNU/Linux distro usning AppImage enhancement minor installer 0.9.34
#2254 Enable Trac notifications via susimail Meeh enhancement major trac 0.9.34
#2256 NTCP1 incorporate NTCP2 features zzz enhancement minor router/transport 0.9.34
#2267 Start/Stop/Remove/Delete buttons in Snark working intermittently zzz defect major apps/i2psnark 0.9.34
#2282 plugin update check up should be after successful connection zzz defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.35
#2283 ERROR [P HTTP Proxy] .i2ptunnel.I2PTunnelClientBase: Unable to build tunnels for the client defect trivial unspecified 0.9.35
#2312 Susimail GUI login cached bypassing zzz defect minor apps/susimail 0.9.36
#2314 Snark penalized under higher load enhancement major router/general 0.9.36
#2316 perl warning Setting locale failed zzz defect minor package/debian 0.9.36
#2320 Android BadTokenException Meeh defect minor apps/android 0.9.36
#2322 Multiple identical router address fields in one routerInfo. zzz defect minor router/netdb 0.9.36
#2334 Add Unique Client count to I2PSnark zzz enhancement minor apps/i2psnark 0.9.37
#2339 my tunnels signature set to SHA-1 and can not be change zzz defect maintenance apps/console 0.9.37
#2343 IRC Upgrade lead to CRIT [uildExecutor] net.i2p.util.Clock : Large clock shift forward by 5m defect minor api/i2cp 0.9.37
#2345 I2CP does not support identical clients defect minor api/i2cp 0.9.37
#2349 Android Bote str4d defect minor apps/plugins 0.9.37
#2351 Issues of distribution for android Meeh defect major www/i2p 0.9.37
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