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#2364 Support Tomcat9 zzz enhancement closed major apps/jetty
#2405 Android Bote bug meeh defect closed major apps/android
#2410 debian buster: Fatal Error: Unable to find package java.lang in classpath or bootclasspath zzz defect closed major package/debian
#2438 Correct # of threads within NTCP Send Finisher zzz defect closed major router/transport
#2443 Make SSU compliant with RFC 6298 zzz enhancement closed major router/transport
#2451 Streaming sets I2CP expiration in the past zzz defect closed major streaming
#2457 error: incompatible types: char cannot be converted to String defect closed major apps/jetty
#1162 Minimize waiting delay for I2PTunnel clients defect closed minor apps/i2ptunnel
#2272 Reduce themes zzz task closed minor apps/console
#2328 Add config to disable NTCP 1 zzz enhancement closed minor router/transport
#2333 some classpath for testing with ant is missing javac.classpath zzz defect closed minor package/other
#2372 i2p.firefox build crash zab defect closed minor package/other
#2377 Start i2ptunnel from router state machine, or reduce delay zab defect closed minor router/general
#2382 Fix isUnreachable() and wasUnreachable() in zzz enhancement closed minor router/transport
#2383 Skip useless calls to now() in zzz enhancement closed minor router/transport
#2397 Correct / speedup / cleanup zzz enhancement closed minor router/transport
#2399 BW Test unchecked exception zzz defect closed minor apps/console
#2401 Not "<", use "<<" instead in debian/control zzz defect closed minor package/debian
#2422 Handle WebSocket Upgrade zzz defect closed minor apps/i2ptunnel
#2440 NTCP write should be in a loop zzz enhancement closed minor router/transport
#2441 Initial SSU Peer Test does not run zzz defect closed minor router/transport
#2436 Forum link on console main page slumlord enhancement closed trivial apps/console
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