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#1702 Tunnels become unusable Zlatin Balevsky defect closed major api/utils
#1776 Ability to reach eepsites degrades over time, returns when restarted. zzz defect closed major api/utils
#1783 Can not upgrade to 0.9.25 on OSX defect closed major installer
#1801 ant debian on rasperry fails zzz defect closed major package/debian
#1118 I2P fails to start on FreeBSD 10 defect closed minor wrapper
#1321 Add I2PSocketAddress support to Standard(Server)Socket zzz enhancement closed minor streaming
#1469 CPU libjbigi wrong on windows enhancement closed minor router/general
#1495 Add MacOSX path name in the eepsite HTML help file enhancement closed minor apps/other
#1778 [CLOSED SAM TCP Client]: Failed to build tunnels defect closed minor router/general
#1784 More info on OS X Java problems... defect closed minor installer
#1789 In : remove 'eepsites.i2p' ? defect closed minor apps/console
#1790 In : replace 'ugha.i2p' by 'i2pwiki.i2p' defect closed minor apps/console
#1794 Enforce fetching minimum 2 different reseed server. zzz enhancement closed minor www/reseed
#1797 router family page does nothing defect closed minor apps/console
#1803 I2P v0.9.25-8 : mistake in a HTTP link to i2pwiki.i2p defect closed minor apps/console
#1216 Update GMP/jbigi zzz enhancement closed maintenance api/crypto
#412 Investigate possible side-effects from desktopgui spinner Mathiasdm task closed obsolete apps/desktopgui
#415 Desktopgui general 'tracker ticket' Mathiasdm task closed obsolete apps/desktopgui
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