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#728 UPnP lib NPE zzz defect closed minor router/transport
#1153 Extend delay for news fetch time on new installs defect closed minor apps/console
#1328 Save important state periodically enhancement closed minor router/general
#1374 Please add a Logout button to all views in SusiMail defect closed minor apps/susimail
#1480 UPnP: IllegalArgumentException while parsing SSDPPacket zzz defect closed minor router/transport
#1606 Error sending the signed leaseSet zzz defect closed minor api/i2cp
#1681 UPnP start failed - port conflict?; UPnP error, please report zzz defect closed minor router/transport
#1795 java.lang.OutOfMemoryError, 123,75MB available memory, ignoring killyourtv defect closed minor wrapper
#1815 I2P-Bote not creating vanity destinations after upgrade from 0.3 to 0.4.3 str4d defect closed minor apps/plugins
#1827 Add help for Debian users on the trac wiki Crypto/ECDSA page due to recent breakage of ECDSA support killyourtv enhancement closed minor www/i2p
#1829 Peertest IPv6-only 0.9.26-8 gives warning with ipv4 address defect closed minor router/transport
#1853 Self-signed cert field review defect closed minor api/utils
#1854 RFC: Count Total NTCP/UDP IPv4 and IPv6 Incomming Connections zzz enhancement closed minor router/transport
#1861 IPv6 Peer Testing: Check for minimum I2P version of 0.9.27 zzz defect closed minor router/transport
#1863 [patch] fix jbigi build for Arch Linux when using jre8-openjdk defect closed minor api/crypto
#1866 SSL Console fail (keygen) zzz defect closed minor apps/console
#1871 Windows batch script for i2psnark-standalone zzz enhancement closed minor apps/i2psnark
#1875 Fix Long-Standing Regression for Running Local Test Networks zzz defect closed minor router/transport
#1876 i2p/router: Make Minimum Peer Setting Configurable zzz defect closed minor router/transport
#1882 console dead links defect closed minor apps/console
#1872 service-wrapper .deb for jessie armhf missing killyourtv defect closed maintenance package/debian
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