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#1900 macOS i2P install doesn't use shipped jbigi zzz defect closed minor api/general
#1933 No jbigi on Mac OS zzz defect closed minor api/general
#1976 BuildTime.EARLIEST datetime string is unparseable on older Android devices zzz defect closed critical api/utils
#1966 Addressbook: Replace webapp with client enhancement closed minor apps/addressbook
#1916 Error when creating http server on android str4d defect closed critical apps/android
#1917 Logcat of error 1916 str4d defect closed minor apps/android
#1923 I2P-Android crash upon adding private address str4d defect closed minor apps/android
#1972 Android: Remove static Daemon reference str4d defect closed minor apps/android
#1899 WARN [e Jetty-3847] vlet.filters.XSSRequestWrapper: URL "/stats.jsp" Stripped param "go" : "#Bandwidth" zzz defect closed minor apps/console
#1512 Jetty 9 zzz enhancement closed minor apps/jetty
#1818 Couldn't initialize the InstanceManager required by Tomcat Jasper defect closed minor apps/jetty
#1935 Tomcat 7/8 zzz defect closed minor apps/jetty
#1959 i2pbote: Set required Jetty version str4d defect closed minor apps/plugins
#1973 susidns class not found zzz defect closed major apps/susidns
#1870 Java 9 issues zzz defect closed minor other
#1089 please get i2p into Debian's official repository Masayuki Hatta enhancement closed major package/debian
#1902 i2p is uninstallable on Debian Testing zzz defect closed blocker package/debian
#1975 junit4 missing on debian built host zzz defect closed minor package/debian
#1991 0.9.30 Debian package misses systemd service file zzz defect closed major package/debian
#1963 Reducing maxParticipatingTunnels turns off probability based tunnel rejection zzz defect closed minor router/general
#1964 Probability based tunnel rejection kicks in at hardcoded value of participating tunnels enhancement closed minor router/general
#1352 Add expiration for introducers in RI zzz enhancement closed minor router/transport
#1960 Debian needs https transport in guide to use i2p repo defect closed minor www/i2p
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