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#2366 Java-level deadlock in 0.9.37 zzz defect closed blocker router/netdb
#2408 Installation / Update broken on with version 0.9.38 of I2P on Linux Mint 17.3 (32-bit) zzz defect closed critical package/other
#2079 Orchid fails post-install zzz defect closed major apps/plugins
#1473 Add a first run startup wizard/mini-tutorial for new installs sadie enhancement closed minor apps/console
#2268 Replace GeoIP source/format zzz defect closed minor router/transport
#2287 Review Summary Bar and Home Page ordering sadie defect closed minor apps/console
#2310 Better error message for Duplicate Client Destinations defect closed minor api/i2cp
#2315 Automate Sybil reporting zzz enhancement closed minor apps/console
#2321 Bandwidth detection zzz enhancement closed minor router/transport
#2326 Advanced NetDb lookup returns O,P and X for O caps searches zzz defect closed minor apps/console
#2329 debian/rules should not have a call to dh_builddeb which specifies a custom compression format zzz enhancement closed minor package/debian
#2344 Error when add router family zzz defect closed minor api/crypto
#2368 Deprecate Oracle 8 on ARM slumlord enhancement closed minor www/i2p
#2373 susimail attachments zzz defect closed minor apps/susimail
#2385 Orchid plugin 1.2.2-0.4-b1 doesn't work with I2P in Debian sid/buster (w/ Jetty 9.4) zzz defect closed minor apps/plugins
#2388 Android: IllegalStateException in prng Meeh defect closed minor router/transport
#2394 Build fails on Debian sid because of Javadoc errors zzz defect closed minor package/debian
#2395 ttf-dejavu is gone, now fonts-dejavu zzz enhancement closed trivial package/debian
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