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#738 Router console redesign assigned zab@…, fnord@…, Alex, alex_wykoff sadie enhancement minor
#2302 Proposal: remove shutdown icon from reload button open sadie, alex_wykoff, Alex zzz enhancement minor
#2330 Parent ticket for .39 console changes new Alex, alex_wykoff sadie defect minor
#2374 Misaligned flags dark theme /configui firefox assigned sadie, slumlord, Alex, alex_wykoff sadie defect minor
#2387 Add Donation Link To /home new Alex sadie task minor
#2415 Wizard improvements assigned sadie, alex_wykoff, Alex sadie defect minor
#2430 Problems WIth Website When Using Right-to-left Languages assigned sadie, alex sadie defect minor
#1859 Outdated #fragments for common-structures in Network Database + Tunnel Routing page assigned sadie, alex_wykoff, Alex, Zlatin Balevsky sadie defect trivial
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