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#1358 Bote, Perfect Forward Secrecy, Deniability I2P-Bote security assigned str4d enhancement major
#1427 disable RC4 security infoneeded task major
#1471 Provide an option to auto-start each torrent following a random delay after router startup snark, i2psnark, torrents, anonymity, privacy, security, attacks, timing, correlation new zzz enhancement minor
#1489 Implement HPKP for Internet facing sites security standards open defect minor
#1735 I2P-Bote: Add Curve25519 ECC curve I2P-Bote, security new str4d enhancement minor
#1910 Separate password caches for I2P-Bote WebUI and IMAP I2P-Bote security assigned str4d defect minor
#2065 Acquire a developer certificate from Apple security, mac, release open zab task minor
#2177 Tunnel Manager blacklist/whitelist should allow ip entries security open enhancement minor
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