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#1840 [arm64] Jbigi open enhancement 0.9.32 api/crypto
#1869 GMP 6.1.2 accepted zzz enhancement 0.9.37 api/crypto
#2362 Java 11 testing new defect 0.9.39 api/crypto
#1274 Easy Backup Button for I2P open enhancement api/general
#2263 Change object caches from Queue to Deque or List accepted zzz enhancement 0.9.36 api/general
#1131 Add SSL mutual authentication support open enhancement api/i2cp
#1143 Move whitelist/blacklist from streaming to I2CP open enhancement api/i2cp
#600 openUrl() confounded by certain Windows registry values new defect api/utils
#933 SSLEepGet redirect support assigned meeh defect api/utils
#1694 v0.9.22-19 SimpleTimer2 & "not possible to be in RUNNING" testing zzz defect 0.9.23 api/utils
#1705 net.i2p.util.SimpleTimer2 : timer error testing defect 0.9.24 api/utils
#1767 Add mockito dependency docs open str4d defect 0.9.27 api/utils
#1915 I2PPacketDispatcher: Invalid datagram received open defect undecided api/utils
#2099 Rework FileUtil.extractZip() to expose error messages open defect undecided api/utils
#2231 Reseeding does not increase number of known routers after 1 hour of uptime reopened defect undecided api/utils
#2238 Add query parameters to readFile to permit truncation of output new enhancement undecided api/utils
#829 NamingService lookup fails through I2CP client while B32 succeeds assigned sponge enhancement apps/BOB
#1105 Add SSL and auth options for BOB open sponge defect apps/BOB
#1320 BOB "quiet true" fail new sponge defect apps/BOB
#2311 Enable SAM API by default new zzz enhancement undecided apps/SAM
#2396 Datagram support in Twisted Python SAM bridge assigned enhancement undecided apps/SAM
#888 accept b32 as well as b64 for hostnames new enhancement apps/addressbook
#1683 allow adding b32 to addressbook new enhancement undecided apps/addressbook
#692 Moving hosts.txt to sqlite assigned zzz enhancement apps/android
#718 Support x86, and possibly MIPS on Android testing str4d defect eventually apps/android
#1343 Investigate crypto crash on Android w/o assigned meeh defect apps/android
#1444 I2P-Bote Android: Address book import and export new str4d enhancement undecided apps/android
#1446 I2P-Bote Android: Merge menus into a single one accepted str4d defect soon apps/android
#1537 Android profiles for initial config assigned meeh enhancement undecided apps/android
#1556 Extract RouterService into a router library assigned meeh task eventually apps/android
#1566 Reproducible Android builds assigned meeh enhancement eventually apps/android
#1729 Android 'please restart' message after no config changes infoneeded str4d defect undecided apps/android
#1734 I2P-Bote Android: Handle content share new str4d enhancement undecided apps/android
#2077 Android: Random shut down assigned meeh defect 0.9.34 apps/android
#2096 ANR when getting RouterInfo assigned str4d defect 0.9.33 apps/android
#2104 Show libJBIGI status in app open str4d enhancement undecided apps/android
#2140 Android NPE i2ptunnel SSL client infoneeded meeh defect 0.9.35 apps/android
#2296 Android bug; net.i2p.crypto.SelfSignedGenerator.generateCRL open meeh defect 0.9.37 apps/android
#2318 Android IAE TCG missing i2ptunnel.config new meeh defect 0.9.38 apps/android
#2320 Android BadTokenException new meeh defect undecided apps/android
#2347 Oreo adaptive icon shape new meeh defect undecided apps/android
#2358 Review decision to block I2P on Google Play Store downloads from India (and any other countries) new meeh enhancement undecided apps/android
#2370 i2p for Android stops in background new meeh defect undecided apps/android
#2389 Android: AbstractWizardModel bug open meeh defect 0.9.39 apps/android
#2390 android.view.WindowManager$BadTokenException new meeh defect eventually apps/android
#2391 bug: new meeh defect eventually apps/android
#2406 Android - has leaked ServiceConnection new meeh defect undecided apps/android
#2407 Android - E/WindowManager: android.view.WindowLeaked new meeh defect undecided apps/android
#2460 Broadcast of Intent { act=android.intent.action.TIME_TICK flg=0x50200014 (has extras) } new meeh defect undecided apps/android
#82 systray causes JVM crash (Windows service error on router restart) reopened Mathiasdm defect apps/console
#731 Multi user support accepted zzz defect apps/console
#738 Router console redesign assigned sadie enhancement 0.9.39 apps/console
#857 Router console - Invalid form submission reopened defect undecided apps/console
#1054 Better UX - explain options better assigned sadie enhancement apps/console
#1139 "Semi-shutdown": Temporarily stopping accepting participating tunnels. open enhancement apps/console
#1176 Allow user to add messages into log file(s) new enhancement apps/console
#1302 Consolidate tunnel configuration and/or add obvious links between the various tunnel pages assigned sadie enhancement apps/console
#1341 Default 7657 page should mention 4444 port and /console/ assigned sadie enhancement 0.9.36 apps/console
#1399 UDP connectivity problems should be reported better new enhancement apps/console
#1453 Help users with info to open their ports more easily assigned sadie enhancement 0.9.36 apps/console
#1522 Konqueror Display Issues Impacting i2p infoneeded_new defect undecided apps/console
#1637 inconsistant timeframe for graphs in console new defect undecided apps/console
#1847 /configupdate shows su2 keys new defect 0.9.29 apps/console
#1911 participating tunnels reported inconsistently accepted zzz defect 0.9.36 apps/console
#1934 unclutter peers page assigned sadie enhancement 0.9.38 apps/console
#2016 Review and improve date format strings accepted zzz task 0.9.36 apps/console
#2024 New UI in 0.9.31 is slow in firefox. Some page is not scale properly open str4d defect 0.9.33 apps/console
#2106 Enhance /graphs reopened enhancement 0.9.35 apps/console
#2149 "Hide news" / "Show News" links should stay on page on which activated accepted zzz defect 0.9.36 apps/console
#2160 HTTPS Console enabled by default accepted zzz enhancement 0.9.39 apps/console
#2193 Context path not reconfigured after webapp stop new str4d defect undecided apps/console
#2212 User-friendliness: open links in new tabs assigned sadie enhancement undecided apps/console
#2233 Add support for additional news feeds in the console news new zzz enhancement undecided apps/console
#2241 Add build success rate and total number of tunnels built to tunnel summary page new zzz enhancement undecided apps/console
#2265 Move all static content from jsps to servlets new zzz defect 0.9.37 apps/console
#2287 Review Summary Bar and Home Page ordering open sadie defect 0.9.38 apps/console
#2298 Translate console help page accepted zzz defect 0.9.39 apps/console
#2302 Proposal: remove shutdown icon from reload button open zzz enhancement 0.9.38 apps/console
#2313 Summary Bar vs. Sidebar assigned sadie defect 0.9.38 apps/console
#2315 Automate Sybil reporting new zzz enhancement 0.9.38 apps/console
#2330 Parent ticket for .39 console changes new sadie defect 0.9.39 apps/console
#2374 Misaligned flags dark theme /configui firefox assigned sadie defect 0.9.39 apps/console
#2387 Add Donation Link To /home new sadie task 0.9.39 apps/console
#2392 i2p console design - migrate pngs to svgs and replace as many as possible with icons from feather assigned sadie enhancement 0.9.40 apps/console
#2415 Wizard improvements assigned sadie defect 0.9.40 apps/console
#2418 Remove flags for language selection (console) assigned sadie defect undecided apps/console
#2421 Combine all bandwidth graphs to condense and consolidate graph display new zzz enhancement undecided apps/console
#2448 Console form input improvements new zzz defect 0.9.40 apps/console
#2449 Add option to clear screen logs on /logs new zzz enhancement undecided apps/console
#44 I2PSNARK --> Priority for torrents assigned zzz enhancement apps/i2psnark
#371 I2PSnarkServlet / SnarkManager DirMonitor accepted zzz defect 0.9.25 apps/i2psnark
#691 I2PSnark sends interested message when not interested new zzz defect apps/i2psnark
#730 Default snark download location should not be "hidden" open zzz enhancement apps/i2psnark
#1026 Priority option for torrents in I2PSnark new zzz enhancement apps/i2psnark
#1067 Combine i2psnark sender threads open zzz enhancement apps/i2psnark
#1172 add filebrowsing for torrent creation new enhancement apps/i2psnark
#1223 ERROR [onsole Jetty] rg.eclipse.jetty.server.Server: /themes/snark/light/images/snark_add.png java.lang.IllegalStateException new zzz defect apps/i2psnark
#1263 i2psnark does not start with external hard drive (OSX) new zzz defect apps/i2psnark
#1308 i2psnark: limit download bandwidth open zzz enhancement 0.9.18 apps/i2psnark
#1438 Consolidate tracker status for all torrents open zzz defect undecided apps/i2psnark
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