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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#386 findbugs core util, time, stat accepted zzz defect maintenance
#933 SSLEepGet redirect support assigned Meeh defect minor
#1694 v0.9.22-19 SimpleTimer2 & "not possible to be in RUNNING" testing zzz defect minor 0.9.23
#1705 net.i2p.util.SimpleTimer2 : timer error testing defect minor 0.9.24
#1767 Add mockito dependency docs open str4d defect minor 0.9.27
#1915 I2PPacketDispatcher: Invalid datagram received open defect minor undecided
#2099 Rework FileUtil.extractZip() to expose error messages open defect minor undecided
#2231 Reseeding does not increase number of known routers after 1 hour of uptime reopened defect minor undecided
#662 Logger that drops records on overflow accepted zzz enhancement maintenance eventually
#2238 Add query parameters to readFile to permit truncation of output new enhancement minor undecided
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