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#2570 Firefox CVE-2019-9811: Sandbox escape via installation of malicious language pack new Meeh defect critical n/a
#2527 Add Noscript/LibreJS , Https-everywhere , ublock origin plugins new idk defect major undecided
#2530 Add .asc signature new idk defect major undecided
#2533 browser update server [clearnet | i2p] new Meeh task major undecided
#2536 Different between Noscript effect in TBB and I2P Browser new Meeh defect major undecided
#2549 Consider sandboxing I2PBrowser new Meeh enhancement major undecided
#2526 change ssl port from 4444 to 4445 assigned Meeh defect minor undecided
#2528 Replace the clearnet search engines with I2P based search engines new idk defect minor undecided
#2534 I2P-Browser false update notification testing Meeh defect minor undecided
#2535 Change Links in I2P browser Menu -> Help section to I2P specific links new Meeh defect minor undecided
#2546 Add I2P connection checker new Meeh defect minor undecided
#2559 Remove NoScript default allowed websites new Meeh defect minor n/a
#2578 create a i2pj project in the browser build scripts new Meeh enhancement minor soon
#2579 integrate the i2pjlink results into i2p-browser in browser build scripts new Meeh enhancement minor soon
#2588 Regression tests for I2P Browser: verify it's Firefox preference overrides. new Meeh enhancement minor undecided
#2612 Get the browser added to and alike new Meeh task minor undecided
#2663 Latest noscript update slows down browsing in firefox new Meeh defect minor
#2665 harden I2PBrowser - TLS,Punycode new Meeh enhancement minor n/a
#2569 Backport fixes for mozilla bug 1552627 and 1549833 assigned Meeh defect maintenance undecided
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