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#44 I2PSNARK --> Priority for torrents assigned zzz enhancement minor
#82 systray causes JVM crash (Windows service error on router restart) reopened Mathiasdm defect minor
#371 I2PSnarkServlet / SnarkManager DirMonitor accepted zzz defect minor
#374 findbugs SusiDNS open defect maintenance
#375 findbugs SusiMail open defect maintenance
#376 findbugs addressbook open defect maintenance
#377 findbugs systray open defect maintenance
#378 findbugs i2ptunnel open defect maintenance
#379 findbugs core accepted zzz defect maintenance
#380 findbugs naming open defect maintenance
#381 findbugs streaming open defect maintenance
#382 findbugs router accepted zzz defect maintenance
#383 findbugs console open defect maintenance
#384 findbugs SAM assigned mkvore defect maintenance
#385 findbugs i2psnark accepted zzz defect maintenance
#386 findbugs core util, time, stat accepted zzz defect maintenance
#411 Add 'browser switching' option to desktopgui accepted Mathiasdm enhancement obsolete
#532 Don't enforce streaming connection limits on conns from internal clients open zzz enhancement minor
#605 Forum subscription shows Banned eMail message. assigned cervantes defect maintenance
#629 Blocking close() testing defect minor
#655 Move log calls out of synch blocks where possible open defect maintenance
#689 NTCP limit inbound queues open zzz defect minor
#692 Moving hosts.txt to sqlite assigned zzz enhancement minor
#718 Support x86, and possibly MIPS on Android assigned Meeh defect minor
#719 Add priority to FIFOBandwidthLimiter outbound queue open zzz defect minor
#726 users can be deanonymized with browser fingerprinting assigned sadie enhancement minor
#752 backup keyfiles open enhancement minor
#829 NamingService lookup fails through I2CP client while B32 succeeds assigned sponge enhancement minor
#840 Review Syndie site open task maintenance
#903 Open Syndie URIs through command-line new enhancement minor
#939 Syndie: There was an error creating the message. new defect minor
#955 iMule: View shared files on user kills their connection assigned mkvore defect minor
#961 i2p.router.client.ClientManager: Client attempted to register duplicate destination new defect minor
#966 Increase expl. and i2psnark default to 3 hops accepted zzz defect minor
#977 Continious uptime in hidden mode results in netdb-wasting new zzz defect minor
#1016 Incorrect handling of AIOOBE caused by streaming packet testing str4d defect minor
#1026 Priority option for torrents in I2PSnark new zzz enhancement minor
#1033 Auto startup (crontab) on *nix new enhancement minor
#1036 Option to store ALL i2p files in one place - in installation dir. new enhancement minor
#1076 Implement more harvesting defenses assigned zzz enhancement minor
#1120 Privacy and Terms of Service assigned sadie task minor
#1140 There should be tooltips for tunnel status assigned sadie defect trivial
#1222 Java web start installer open enhancement minor
#1246 Syndie: java.sql.SQLDataException: data exception: string data, right truncation open defect minor
#1259 Recognize transition to completely blocked UDP open zzz defect minor
#1308 i2psnark: limit download bandwidth open zzz enhancement minor
#1336 SAM Datagram Handling Enables Replay Attack assigned slumlord enhancement minor
#1337 Check IRC/HTTP filter for IPv6 assigned Eche|on task maintenance
#1343 Investigate crypto crash on Android w/o assigned Meeh defect minor
#1345 Add support for tunnel groups. new enhancement minor
#1381 su3 for dev builds testing zzz enhancement minor
#1384 Reseeding can take place before the netDb is ready testing zzz defect minor
#1418 server tunnel encryption, 3 tunnels created... open defect minor
#1423 Add the ability to override rejecting tunnels on startup new enhancement minor
#1429 Allow i2p client applications to build more tunnels based on share ratio new enhancement minor
#1438 Consolidate tracker status for all torrents open zzz defect minor
#1442 eepget batch script in windows does not expect spaces in %JAVA% variable accepted killyourtv defect minor
#1519 Managed update rollout open enhancement minor
#1537 Android profiles for initial config assigned Meeh enhancement minor
#1548 Use of Reachability flag is misleading new zzz defect maintenance
#1556 Extract RouterService into a router library assigned Meeh task minor
#1566 Reproducible Android builds assigned Meeh enhancement minor
#1583 "clearnet" tag to protect viewers from external content assigned sadie enhancement minor
#1585 Tunnels can be built even without any peers? open zzz defect minor
#1609 peer.failedLookupRate poor when not floodfill open zzz defect minor
#1613 SSU packet ordering issues / restore multiple PacketHandler threads open zzz defect minor
#1634 No expl. tunnels after soft restart for backwards clock shift open defect minor
#1651 scala tests will break with java 8 (oracle) assigned str4d defect minor
#1655 IKVM.NET JRE issues open defect minor
#1657 distributed chat new zzz enhancement minor
#1660 I2P-Bote: p2p plugin update assigned str4d enhancement minor
#1683 allow adding b32 to addressbook new enhancement minor
#1684 i2psnark: Optimize for solid state drives open zzz defect minor
#1685 Large log files unpruned by zzzot open defect major
#1688 Rekey on copy open defect minor
#1694 v0.9.22-19 SimpleTimer2 & "not possible to be in RUNNING" testing zzz defect minor
#1697 Please write to the log when I2P is ready for use assigned Masayuki Hatta defect minor
#1705 net.i2p.util.SimpleTimer2 : timer error testing defect minor
#1716 SSU RelayRequest via IPv6 open zzz enhancement minor
#1724 NetDb lookup reduction and negative cache improvements open zzz defect minor
#1725 Router console appears to be inaccessible before the time is synched testing defect minor
#1729 Android 'please restart' message after no config changes assigned Meeh defect minor
#1742 Lots of unencrypted Database Store messages accepted zzz defect minor
#1759 website: wide tables overflow column assigned slumlord defect minor
#1767 Add mockito dependency docs open str4d defect minor
#1775 i2psnark; Fix end-game parallelism new zzz defect minor
#1781 Crawling: i2p2.i2p recursive source loops assigned str4d defect minor
#1787 Update I2PAndroidHelper to recognise legacy release builds (e.g. for F-Droid) assigned Meeh defect major
#1802 httpclient does not do in-session hostname lookups in app context new defect minor
#1805 Tunnels page : rename 'Refresh' to 'Refresh the page' ? assigned sadie enhancement minor
#1808 Syndie 1.106b-1 : errors when first start : "SEVERE readExistingData" and more new zzz defect major
#1822 I2Phex standalone will not start properly open zzz defect minor
#1825 'syndie-installer-1.106b-3' does not create icons in Cinnamon desktop environment new zzz defect major
#1826 syndie v1.106b-3 : crash when clicking menu 'Forums > Read all' new zzz defect major
#1834 SSU PacketPusher outbound routing error open zzz defect minor
#1835 Handle blocked UDP better open zzz defect minor
#1837 Use less risky code for /tmp handling in I2P initscript and systemd unit file assigned Masayuki Hatta defect minor
#1847 /configupdate shows su2 keys new defect minor
#1848 IPv4 Auto Detection Fails open defect minor
#1849 Document why signature in SSU SessionCreated msg is encrypted new enhancement minor
#1855 Syndie v1.1.07b : improve the text of the exit dialog ? new enhancement minor
#1859 Outdated #fragments for common-structures in Network Database + Tunnel Routing page assigned sadie defect trivial
#1865 Issues in macOS jbigi and jcpuid with i2p-0.9.27/core/c/jbigi/ and i2p-0.9.27/core/c/jcpuid/ accepted zzz defect minor
#1869 GMP 6.2.0 accepted zzz enhancement minor
#1877 Test Networks: Check locally supplied addresses for IPv6 new zzz defect minor
#1885 Clearnet Download Mirror Links to .b32.i2p address assigned sadie defect minor
#1891 Github PR: Hamcrest and Junit references added #11 by lukepadlp assigned str4d task minor
#1892 ERROR [le Jetty-407] i2p.bote.util.GeneralHelper : Can't save contact to address book. assigned str4d defect minor
#1893 i2psnark: data loss on restarts open zzz defect minor
#1914 Eclipse build issues assigned Zlatin Balevsky defect minor
#1915 I2PPacketDispatcher: Invalid datagram received open defect minor
#1919 Maven: Add external dependencies assigned Meeh enhancement minor
#1922 Maven: Add resources jar? new str4d enhancement minor
#1930 Maven: Add jbigi.jar assigned Meeh defect minor
#1937 Orchid: OOM with old cached-microdescs new defect minor
#1938 i2psnark: character mapping setting lost when copying torrent data new zzz defect minor
#1941 Android: Failed to reseed on old versions assigned Meeh defect major
#1942 Always invisible text on Pale Moon browser assigned sadie defect minor
#1944 Syndie v1.107b : error messages in the logs when sync with a archive open defect minor
#1957 ERROR [te #25449]: ] I2PSession returned a null message: msgId=32603772, size=15820, Session: Ylfa[OPEN I2P-Bote #25449]: assigned str4d defect minor
#1979 Graphs not shown if i2p runs as different user on debian stretch new zzz defect minor
#1981 Different torrent file naming rules in Snark vs. trackers new zzz defect major
#1982 Redesign handling of .config files new zzz enhancement major
#1985 Runs as root infoneeded_new zzz defect minor
#1990 stack trace on running a torrent while hashing... accepted zzz defect minor
#1996 UI prop issues assigned sadie defect major
#2006 Once Syndie (v1.107b) installed, no icons in the DE (XFCE) new enhancement minor
#2018 ERROR [JobQueue 1/1] p.router.transport.UPnPManager: UPnP start failed - port conflict? new zzz defect minor
#2023 upgrade from 0.9.30 to 0.9.31 broken assigned Masayuki Hatta defect minor
#2035 Ensure excess data in key certs is rejected accepted zzz defect major
#2039 Pluggable Router Trust Filtering infoneeded_new enhancement minor
#2090 i2p.streaming.* options don't work from router.config accepted zzz enhancement minor
#2122 eepsite fails to load after 200 OK in jetty logs open defect minor
#2134 Handle ddos attacks better on core services infoneeded_new Meeh infrastructure maintenance
#2150 Option bindAllInterfaces does not work infoneeded defect major
#2160 HTTPS Console enabled by default accepted zzz enhancement minor
#2193 Context path not reconfigured after webapp stop new str4d defect minor
#2210 Bote: Could not initialize class org.jfree.chart.JFreeChart assigned Meeh defect minor
#2221 Offload transparent decompression to browser new enhancement minor
#2236 Post spreadshirt link on the main website assigned sadie enhancement trivial
#2240 Preference for inbound IPv6 peers new zzz defect minor
#2244 Add SSL Wizard support for non-Jetty servers new defect minor
#2255 NTCP _currentOutbound new zzz defect minor
#2257 Split up NTCPConnection locking new zzz enhancement minor
#2261 Add IDN support to proxy error pages new enhancement minor
#2263 Change object caches from Queue to Deque or List accepted zzz enhancement minor
#2265 Move all static content from jsps to servlets new zzz defect minor
#2269 Add support for content negotiation to I2PDefaultservlet new enhancement minor
#2278 [I2PSnark] Torrent comments notification accepted zzz enhancement minor
#2290 I2CP documentation improvements assigned idk enhancement maintenance
#2294 I2Phex standalone fail starting on Ubuntu 18.04 ('wrong Java version') new defect major
#2297 ipv6 only: weird effects with v4 inbound disabled new zzz defect minor
#2302 Proposal: remove shutdown icon from reload button open zzz enhancement minor
#2303 Snark does not restart clean on OSX High Sierra open zzz defect major
#2304 Torrents wrecked by inconsistent handling of "unsafe" characters new zzz defect minor
#2305 Existing torrents do not start properly from info hash open zzz defect minor
#2306 i2p service doesn't start due to missing AppArmor profile in LXC container new Masayuki Hatta defect minor
#2309 I2P Installation on Windows doesn't respect wrapper.config for JAVA_HOME new defect minor
#2311 Enable SAM API by default new zzz enhancement minor
#2318 Android IAE TCG missing i2ptunnel.config new Meeh defect minor
#2319 AppArmor: Fix all complaints, set to enforce new zzz defect minor
#2323 configuring i2p with dpkg autostart doesnt work assigned Masayuki Hatta defect minor
#2325 i2p package with down-rev libjbigi-jni new zzz defect minor
#2327 Warn of insufficient network buffers infoneeded_new enhancement minor
#2330 Parent ticket for .39 console changes new sadie defect minor
#2332 Syndie's "Syndicate" shows unwanted "&8239;" string new zzz defect minor
#2335 CLI commands doesnt has GUI effects infoneeded_new defect minor
#2336 Running I2P as root is not solvable (though recommended against) accepted zzz defect minor
#2340 /i2ptunnelmgr graphical issue assigned sadie defect minor
#2341 nomenclature of i2ptunnels + graphical issue assigned sadie defect minor
#2347 Oreo adaptive icon shape new Meeh enhancement minor
#2355 Single thread goes wild on ARM new defect major
#2362 Java 11 testing new defect minor
#2363 I2PSnark: New method required to create files. new zzz enhancement minor
#2370 i2p for Android stops in background new Meeh defect minor
#2374 Misaligned flags dark theme /configui firefox assigned sadie defect minor
#2376 Launch4j build warning Java 11 new defect minor
#2381 Make connection limits soft goals accepted zzz enhancement minor
#2384 Make now() self-tuning new enhancement minor
#2386 Speedup UDP packet pusher accepted zzz defect minor
#2391 bug: new Meeh defect minor
#2396 Datagram support in Twisted Python SAM bridge assigned enhancement minor
#2400 Don't require restart to change release number assigned sadie defect minor
#2402 All conffiles should be in /etc new zzz defect minor
#2404 Android OnBootReceiver java.lang.IllegalStateException assigned Meeh defect major
#2406 Android - has leaked ServiceConnection new Meeh defect minor
#2407 Android - E/WindowManager: android.view.WindowLeaked new Meeh defect minor
#2409 Minimize statistics overhead esp. UDP new enhancement minor
#2411 Old RIs stored to floodfills new zzz defect minor
#2414 Migrate more pages to specs assigned sadie defect minor
#2426 i2psnark does not check files in subdirectories for completeness new zzz defect minor
#2427 Maintaining bandwidth correctly: accepted zzz enhancement minor
#2431 Streaming only closes one acceptor new defect minor
#2432 Overhaul Tunnel GW Pumper new zzz enhancement minor
#2433 Refactor SSU EstablishmentManager doPass() new zzz defect minor
#2434 Speedup new zzz enhancement major
#2446 Increase LeaseSet.MAX_LEASES a lot new zzz enhancement minor
#2455 RouterWatchdog barking when too few UDP errors new defect maintenance
#2459 Susimail, remarks on the Web GUI. assigned sadie enhancement minor
#2461 Fix Travis assigned idk defect minor
#2467 Do not use isValidPort() on inbound connections accepted zzz defect major
#2472 SOCKS5 support in server tunnels new enhancement minor
#2484 android.content.ActivityNotFoundException new Meeh defect minor
#2486 ANR I2PTunnel Android new Meeh defect minor
#2496 Add total number of tunnels built and build success percentage to 'statusnotes' div on /tunnels new sadie enhancement minor
#2497 /graphs gets lost after soft router restart new sadie defect minor
#2500 No new email able to write bote plugin assigned Meeh defect major
#2501 bote show "install JCE unlimited strnght policy" despite being installed assigned Meeh defect minor
#2502 I2P bote UT8 errror on creating new ID assigned Meeh defect minor
#2506 Time UDP bandwidth retrans precisely new zzz enhancement minor
#2509 Reorder /tunnels new sadie enhancement minor
#2512 Review SSU max concurrent messages new zzz defect minor
#2526 change ssl port from 4444 to 4445 assigned Meeh defect minor
#2527 Add Noscript/LibreJS , Https-everywhere , ublock origin plugins new idk defect major
#2528 Replace the clearnet search engines with I2P based search engines new idk defect minor
#2530 Add .asc signature new idk defect major
#2533 browser update server [clearnet | i2p] new Meeh task major
#2534 I2P-Browser false update notification testing Meeh defect minor
#2535 Change Links in I2P browser Menu -> Help section to I2P specific links new Meeh defect minor
#2536 Different between Noscript effect in TBB and I2P Browser new Meeh defect major
#2538 Increase security bar for I2P websites TLS assigned Meeh defect minor
#2540 Disabling outproxy wont disable it new defect minor
#2546 Add I2P connection checker new Meeh defect minor
#2547 Modify option always showing up without pressing on it new Meeh defect minor
#2549 Consider sandboxing I2PBrowser new Meeh enhancement major
#2550 Ticket title doesnt show similar subjects reopened Meeh defect minor
#2553 java.lang.RuntimeException - android.view.ViewGroup.resetCancelNextUpFlag new Meeh defect minor
#2554 android java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException new Meeh defect minor
#2559 Remove NoScript default allowed websites new Meeh defect minor
#2560 Add listener to Router _state events new enhancement minor
#2562 Remove/Change I2P HTTPS Proxy tunnel new defect minor
#2569 Backport fixes for mozilla bug 1552627 and 1549833 assigned Meeh defect maintenance
#2570 Firefox CVE-2019-9811: Sandbox escape via installation of malicious language pack new Meeh defect critical
#2578 create a i2pj project in the browser build scripts new Meeh enhancement minor
#2579 integrate the i2pjlink results into i2p-browser in browser build scripts new Meeh enhancement minor
#2588 Regression tests for I2P Browser: verify it's Firefox preference overrides. new Meeh enhancement minor
#2590 Reduce # of job queue threads new enhancement minor
#2592 libjetty NPE on debian 0.9.41-8 assigned str4d defect major
#2596 ANR: Input dispatching timed out (Waiting to send non-key event because the touched window has not finished processing certain input events that were delivered to it over 500.0ms ago. Wait queue length: 1. Wait queue head age: 6614.9ms.) new Meeh defect minor
#2597 ANR: Broadcast of Intent { act=android.intent.action.TIME_TICK flg=0x50200014 (has extras) } new Meeh defect minor
#2601 Bote: Don't bundle Tomcat jars assigned str4d defect major
#2608 Update izpack installer logo assigned idk defect minor
#2609 locked_shouldSend() violates send order new zzz defect minor
#2612 Get the browser added to and alike new Meeh task minor
#2613 locked_shouldSend() ignores THROTTLE_INITIAL_SEND new zzz defect minor
#2617 Speedup outbound I2CP new zzz enhancement major
#2619 NCTP Writer: Do not run dry new zzz defect minor
#2620 NTCP reader: parallize operation new zzz enhancement minor
#2625 Remove QoS throttle on MacOS assigned Meeh defect minor
#2628 strange java.lang.SecurityException (android) new Meeh defect minor
#2630 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException android.view.MotionEvent.nativeGetAxisValue new Meeh defect minor
#2633 Broadcast of Intent { act=android.intent.action.TIME_TICK flg=0x50000014 VirtualScreenParam=Params{mDisplayId=-1, null, mFlags=0x00000000)} (has extras) } new Meeh defect minor
#2634 ANR: Broadcast of Intent { act=android.intent.action.TIME_TICK flg=0x50000014 (has extras) } new Meeh defect minor
#2635 ANR: Input dispatching timed out (Waiting because no window has focus but there is a focused application that may eventually add a window when it finishes starting up.), VisibleToUser new Meeh defect minor
#2636 ANR: Input dispatching timed out (Waiting to send non-key event because the touched window has not finished processing certain input events that were delivered to it over 500.0ms ago. Wait queue length: 1. Wait queue head age: 20838.2ms.) new Meeh defect minor
#2637 ANR: Input dispatching timed out (Waiting because the touched window has not finished processing the input events that were previously delivered to it.) new Meeh defect minor
#2640 Fix UDP dups new zzz defect major
#2641 RTT/RTO calc seriously flawed new zzz defect major
#2642 UDP transport: add(peer, 0) from ACK logic does not work, state blocked new zzz defect major
#2645 Fight App Nap and the like new enhancement major
#2646 UDP Transport: Drop peers faster new zzz defect minor
#2647 Do not iterate within finishmessages() new zzz enhancement major
#2648 rework send window new zzz enhancement major
#2650 rework ACK resend logic new zzz enhancement major
#2653 ACKSender: properly set send time new zzz enhancement minor
#2655 OMF: Remove MAX_VOLLEYS new zzz enhancement minor
#2656 remove proactive reconnect code new zzz enhancement minor
#2657 UDP transport: remove udp.sendAggressiveFailed stat new zzz enhancement minor
#2658 remove _slowStartThreshold new zzz enhancement minor
#2660 remove _consecutiveFailedSends new zzz enhancement minor
#2663 Latest noscript update slows down browsing in firefox new Meeh defect minor
#2664 Remove dead code from acked() new zzz enhancement minor
#2665 harden I2PBrowser - TLS,Punycode new Meeh enhancement minor
#2670 Error 500: java.lang.RuntimeException infoneeded_new zzz defect minor
#2671 Android: Add GeoIP new Meeh enhancement minor
#2672 M-Lab/NDT broken accepted zzz defect major
#2674 MuWire network speed/ ticket issue assigned Zlatin Balevsky enhancement minor
#2675 PacketBuilder blown up by wrong fragment size accepted zzz defect minor
#2679 predefined service tunnel for external server infoneeded zzz enhancement minor
#2680 requesterbox to enter susidns name and automatic registration of susiDNS petname infoneeded_new zzz enhancement minor
#2683 limits on trac tight assigned Meeh defect minor
#2685 I2P-Bote: Support sig types assigned str4d defect major
#2687 Broadcast of Intent { act=android.intent.action.TIME_TICK flg=0x50000014 (has extras) } new Meeh defect minor
#2695 Include snark-rpc in the distribution assigned idk enhancement minor
#2696 SAM: DEST REPLY fields assigned idk enhancement trivial
#2701 remove NTCP bottlenecks (some) open zzz enhancement minor
#2702 Minimize router stalls infoneeded_new defect major
#2704 Windows signing: DLLs and EXEs accepted zzz defect minor
#2711 Streaming: allow more than one fast retransmit per packet accepted Zlatin Balevsky enhancement major
#2721 Streaming: Reduce cwnd on idle new defect minor
#2734 Update OSX installer/launcher build docs assigned Meeh defect minor
#2735 I2P Post-Quantun Cryptography new enhancement minor
#2738 Better DS-Lite handling new zzz defect minor
#2740 News feed enhancements for multiple products new zzz enhancement minor
#2748 issues opening up i2p browser console assigned Meeh defect critical
#2750 "WebApp Configuration" Need UX Attention new sadie defect minor
#2751 Make Sure Tunnels On "Both encryption types" new enhancement minor
#2752 Add instructions for how to check signatures for i2p.jar assigned idk enhancement minor
#2754 Privacy Issue with i2psnark DHT: you can crawl the hashtable to find out what people are sharing new zzz defect minor
#2755 Strange behavior after resuming from hibernation/ new defect minor
#2763 Susimail: Date-based ordering of unread messages seems occasionally unordered new zzz defect minor
#2766 Hardenize I2P Tunnels: Remove OLD singatures new enhancement minor
#2771 UDP EstablishmentManager tries to resend expired messages new zzz defect minor
#2772 Tunnel Wizard using ElGamal encryption as default new sadie defect minor
#2773 Description of enabling SSL for the Tunnel looks misinformed new defect minor
#2774 Compatibility for OpenBSD new enhancement minor
#2775 Can't view any emails (Susimail NoSuchMethodError) accepted zzz defect major
#2779 Bote Android Crash assigned str4d defect major
#2780 i2psnark webseed new zzz enhancement minor
#2782 Round down retransmit size new defect minor
#2784 Taskbar icons Android 10 assigned idk defect minor
#2792 Drop or fix PeerState.MAX_MTU new zzz defect minor
#2793 Mitigate UDP MTU mismatches new zzz defect major
#2794 Prevent message ID 0 infoneeded_new defect minor
#2802 SusiDNS: Implement local blacklist for deleted hosts new defect minor
#2810 TunnelCreatorConfig has a bad null check infoneeded_new defect minor
#2813 Bad equals methods in LeaseSet Classes new defect minor
#2815 Speed up CryptixAESEngine (and possibly many other classes) infoneeded_new defect minor
#2816 OrderedProperties is implementation dependent infoneeded_new defect minor
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