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#1415 I2PSnark filename conversion to builtin charset in windows may cause data loss new filenames corruption i2psnark zzz defect major
#2572 Support creating a torrent with data outside i2psnark directory infoneeded_new symlink,i2psnark,usability zzz enhancement major
#691 I2PSnark sends interested message when not interested new I2PSnark snark interested bittorrent torrent performance zzz defect minor
#2083 Implement (DHT) search in I2P Snark open i2psnark dht search enhancement minor
#2110 Decentralize torrent delivery by implementing tracker and http server in I2PSnark new i2psnark, integration, tracker, webserver zzz enhancement minor
#2116 Limit NTCP connections to portion of open files ulimit open reliability, performance, ntcp, i2psnark zzz enhancement minor
#2230 Add support for optional metainfo fields in Create New Torrent panel new i2psnark metainfo zzz enhancement minor
#2288 Seeding torrents do not download new comments new i2psnark, comments zzz defect minor
#2350 I2PSnark loses torrent download priority when power interrupted new I2PSnark, torrent Priority, Preferences, logging zzz defect minor
#2375 Terrible i2psnark performance in Chromium & Firefox, Linux - Dark theme new i2psnark,performance,bad zzz defect minor
#2681 Load torrents without delay in I2PSnark when autostart is enabled new i2psnark, autostart, UX zzz enhancement minor
#2689 Changing I2PSnark's tunnel allocation overrides dynamic allocation new i2psnark, tunnel count, configuration zzz defect minor
#818 Adding superseed to i2psnark new i2psnark superseed zzz enhancement trivial
#2100 Allow I2PSnark to serve as a protocol handler for torrent/magnet files open i2psnark, protocol handler, UX zzz enhancement trivial
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