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#1170 Implement Pluggable Transport API anti-censorship open zzz enhancement major
#1417 Cannot use TCP when UDP is disabled for directly connected systems to public network with dynamic IP address autodetection Network UDP UPnP Disabled TCP IP detection failure accepted zzz defect major
#1904 Android 0.9.27 service killed on app swipe Android, service, swipe, background accepted str4d defect major
#648 outbound (proxy) node support peer-selection anti-censorship new zzz enhancement minor
#921 UDP per tunnel voip udp tunnel new zzz enhancement minor
#1055 Router-side incoming message dropping and blacklist for clients performance scalability anti-censorship assigned zzz defect minor
#1097 Implement restricted routes (and mixing/throttling/etc) scalability peer-selection anti-censorship open defect minor
#1139 "Semi-shutdown": Temporarily stopping accepting participating tunnels. participation easy open enhancement minor
#1143 Move whitelist/blacklist from streaming to I2CP scalability anti-censorship open enhancement minor
#1943 Arm: High CPU usage and participating bandwidth drop arm reliability participation needs_work defect minor
#1951 IPv6-only mode says IPv4 firewalled in Routerconsole ipv6, console, firewall open defect minor
#2012 Router listens on public interface when local address is configured as 127.0.0.X instead of console,bind,localhost,public.ip open defect minor
#2057 Eclipse build environment build, eclipse open zab task minor
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