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#1104 jsp processing failure does not abort build open build defect minor
#1302 Consolidate tunnel configuration and/or add obvious links between the various tunnel pages assigned UI, interface, useability, design, configuration, tunnel, tunnels sadie enhancement minor
#2024 New UI in 0.9.31 is slow in firefox. Some page is not scale properly open New UI str4d defect minor
#2057 Eclipse build environment open build, eclipse Zlatin Balevsky task minor
#2085 Add option to prevent downloading of mail in Susimail reopened suimail, no-cache, online mode enhancement minor
#2087 Enhancements to Susimail assigned susimail UX UI idk enhancement minor
#2132 Split up Debian Package open extensibility, standards, debian, ubuntu, build, release zzz defect minor
#2147 Allow (un)signed updates from torrent link open updating, torrents, dev builds, plugins enhancement minor
#2178 Maven: Add deployment to Gradle build scripts assigned docs, build Meeh enhancement minor
#2796 Portable I2P needed where all files in user designated location thta can also be moed to portable or usb drive. new portable install installer build enhancement minor
#2062 Add gradle build system for Syndie open build Zlatin Balevsky enhancement maintenance
#1838 Add tooltips to I2PSnark that show exact byte counts where larger units are shown in the UI open ui zzz enhancement trivial
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