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#971 Windows 7 installation freezes assigned installer, windows, windows 7 zzz defect major
#1584 Router can't handle IP/network change accepted windows hang dg defect major
#2728 no uninstall on windows open usability, install, windows defect major
#600 openUrl() confounded by certain Windows registry values open Windows defect minor
#741 Make I2P easier to deal with with Windows firewall software accepted usability grandma windows firewall str4d enhancement minor
#905 What a mess with log files in Windows :-( open windows install enhancement minor
#1031 Installer behaves in odd way assigned windows install zzz defect minor
#1051 change Windows start menu entry line open windows usability enhancement minor
#1065 "portable" instructions in wrapper.config don't work open windows install defect minor
#1146 High "system" CPU usage by SimpleTimer2 threads infoneeded windows win64 x86-64 mac performance zzz enhancement minor
#1410 Log directory path on windows open windows defect minor
#1440 I2P router hangs up and recovers hardly when its memory got paged by windows open time, clock, skew, participation, windows defect minor
#2337 Windows Installer doesn't seem to properly detect JRE under RUNASINVOKER open windows, java defect minor
#2682 Don't run Windows Service as System user open install, windows defect minor
#2690 Windows installation improvements new Windows, defaults, options enhancement minor
#2691 Adopt OpenJDK doesn't work with Windows installer new Windows defect minor
#2764 Windows installer stops at BOB.jar new install, windows defect minor
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