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Ticket Summary Owner Status Type Priority Milestone
#657 SSU review assigned enhancement maintenance
#2158 Console should display 403 errors using console error template assigned enhancement maintenance undecided
#2396 Datagram support in Twisted Python SAM bridge assigned enhancement minor undecided
#2585 Add support for v3 onion services in Orchid assigned enhancement minor undecided
#2587 Support running onion services in Orchid assigned enhancement minor undecided
#2150 Option bindAllInterfaces does not work infoneeded defect major undecided
#1492 I2P-Bote: missing public name infoneeded_new defect minor undecided
#1494 I2P-Bote: allow priority in header infoneeded_new defect trivial undecided
#1522 Konqueror Display Issues Impacting i2p infoneeded_new defect minor undecided
#1714 CheckEmailTask: Can't decrypt email packet infoneeded_new defect minor undecided
#2039 Pluggable Router Trust Filtering infoneeded_new enhancement minor undecided
#2050 Error: java.lang.NullPointerExeption infoneeded_new defect minor undecided
#2327 Warn of insufficient network buffers infoneeded_new enhancement minor undecided
#2335 CLI commands doesnt has GUI effects infoneeded_new defect minor undecided
#2513 i2p miss control infoneeded_new enhancement minor 0.9.42
#1943 Arm: High CPU usage and participating bandwidth drop needs_work defect minor undecided
#518 clock jump during i2p start results in router hanging on "Network: Testing" new defect minor
#522 Ability to work with system clock exclusively, and recover from clock jumps new defect minor
#600 openUrl() confounded by certain Windows registry values new defect minor
#849 Decrypt garlic failed in router log new defect minor
#888 accept b32 as well as b64 for hostnames new enhancement minor
#903 Open Syndie URIs through command-line new enhancement minor
#939 Syndie: There was an error creating the message. new defect minor
#961 i2p.router.client.ClientManager: Client attempted to register duplicate destination new defect minor
#971 instillation hangs new defect major 0.9.18
#1021 i2p does not work with IKVM new defect maintenance eventually
#1033 Auto startup (crontab) on *nix new enhancement minor
#1036 Option to store ALL i2p files in one place - in installation dir. new enhancement minor
#1172 add filebrowsing for torrent creation new enhancement minor
#1176 Allow user to add messages into log file(s) new enhancement minor
#1289 make share ratio a more meaningful number new enhancement trivial
#1317 headless *nix system new enhancement minor
#1345 Add support for tunnel groups. new enhancement minor
#1372 Large HTTP downloads fail when their tunnel expires? new defect minor
#1398 Waiting too long for retrying participating traffic new defect minor
#1399 UDP connectivity problems should be reported better new enhancement minor
#1423 Add the ability to override rejecting tunnels on startup new enhancement minor 0.9.18
#1429 Allow i2p client applications to build more tunnels based on share ratio new enhancement minor 0.9.18
#1440 I2P router hangs up and recovers hardly when its memory got paged by windows new defect minor
#1564 I2P console responds 304 Not Modified (Console pages does not gets updated) new defect major undecided
#1637 inconsistant timeframe for graphs in console new defect minor undecided
#1666 Occasional very high spikes in transport.sendProcessingTime and tunnel.acceptLoad delay greatly hindering participating tunnel performance new defect minor undecided
#1683 allow adding b32 to addressbook new enhancement minor undecided
#1802 httpclient does not do in-session hostname lookups in app context new defect minor eventually
#1847 /configupdate shows su2 keys new defect minor 0.9.29
#1849 Document why signature in SSU SessionCreated msg is encrypted new enhancement minor eventually
#1855 Syndie v1.1.07b : improve the text of the exit dialog ? new enhancement minor undecided
#1906 startup sanity checks - out of band new enhancement minor undecided
#1937 Orchid: OOM with old cached-microdescs new defect minor undecided
#1984 jircii tries to resolve the tunnel b32 address once via dns on startup new defect minor undecided
#2006 Once Syndie (v1.107b) installed, no icons in the DE (XFCE) new enhancement minor undecided
#2114 Enhance Tunnel Manager Message Log (followup to #2107) new enhancement minor undecided
#2182 Add fast-cgi and SPDY support to jetty new enhancement minor undecided
#2185 Add total monthly bandwidth usage indicator to /config to enable better bandwidth managment for metered connections new enhancement minor undecided
#2221 Offload transparent decompression to browser new enhancement minor undecided
#2238 Add query parameters to readFile to permit truncation of output new enhancement minor undecided
#2244 Add SSL Wizard support for non-Jetty servers new defect minor 0.9.36
#2245 Established routers counted as "new" in OBEP throttle new defect minor undecided
#2261 Add IDN support to proxy error pages new enhancement minor eventually
#2264 Reduce blockage in EventPumper new enhancement minor undecided
#2269 Add support for content negotiation to I2PDefaultservlet new enhancement minor 0.9.37
#2271 CoDeL Queue with single-lock bulk put new enhancement minor undecided
#2274 Replace NTCPFinisher ThreadPool with Disruptor new enhancement minor undecided
#2290 I2CP documentation improvements new enhancement maintenance undecided
#2294 I2Phex standalone fail starting on Ubuntu 18.04 ('wrong Java version') new defect major undecided
#2309 I2P Installation on Windows doesn't respect wrapper.config for JAVA_HOME new defect minor undecided
#2355 Single thread goes wild on ARM new defect major undecided
#2362 Java 11 testing new defect minor 0.9.39
#2371 I2P Router Does Not Run on FreeBSD 12 - Raspberry Pi 3 new defect minor undecided
#2376 Launch4j build warning Java 11 new defect minor undecided
#2379 NPE in ntcp reader new defect minor undecided
#2384 Make now() self-tuning new enhancement minor undecided
#2409 Minimize statistics overhead esp. UDP new enhancement minor undecided
#2413 Bandwidth Test always fails in Tokyo, Japan new defect minor 0.9.39
#2431 Streaming only closes one acceptor new defect minor undecided
#2445 Make streaming compliant with RFC 6298 new enhancement maintenance undecided
#2453 Fix classloader leaks new defect minor undecided
#2454 The router with jbigi crashes on arm5 new defect minor undecided
#2455 RouterWatchdog barking when too few UDP errors new defect maintenance undecided
#2458 Router watchdog barking because of outdated leaset new defect minor undecided
#2472 SOCKS5 support in server tunnels new enhancement minor undecided
#2478 I2PTunnelHTTPServer logs should be scrubbed new defect minor undecided
#2511 Require Java 8 new defect minor eventually
#2525 Signature Type changing to DSA-SHA1 by turning the tunnel off/on new defect minor undecided
#2540 Disabling outproxy wont disable it new defect minor undecided
#2560 Add listener to Router _state events new enhancement minor undecided
#2562 Remove/Change I2P HTTPS Proxy tunnel new defect minor undecided
#2586 Fine-tune BatchedRouterPreprocessor.DEFAULT_BATCH_FREQUENCY new enhancement minor undecided
#2590 Reduce # of job queue threads new enhancement minor undecided
#2599 GzipFilter deprecated new defect minor 0.9.43
#2638 Properly set new enhancement minor undecided
#2643 Add freedom choice to users to choose which router connect to new enhancement minor undecided
#2645 Fight App Nap and the like new enhancement major undecided
#374 findbugs SusiDNS open defect maintenance
#375 findbugs SusiMail open defect maintenance
#376 findbugs addressbook open defect maintenance
#377 findbugs systray open defect maintenance
#378 findbugs i2ptunnel open defect maintenance
#380 findbugs naming open defect maintenance
#381 findbugs streaming open defect maintenance
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