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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#1085 Make I2P easier for academic research assigned enhancement major 0.9.36 www/i2p
#726 users can be deanonymized with browser fingerprinting assigned enhancement minor www/i2p
#738 Router console redesign assigned enhancement minor 0.9.39 apps/console
#1054 Better UX - explain options better assigned enhancement minor apps/console
#1119 Vulnerability Response Process assigned task minor n/a www/i2p
#1120 Privacy and Terms of Service assigned task minor eventually www/i2p
#1302 Consolidate tunnel configuration and/or add obvious links between the various tunnel pages assigned enhancement minor apps/console
#1341 Default 7657 page should mention 4444 port and /console/ assigned enhancement minor 0.9.36 apps/console
#1677 Document all options assigned task minor eventually www/i2p
#1689 Overhaul proxy error pages assigned enhancement minor eventually apps/i2ptunnel
#1747 "A Day in the Life of I2P" assigned enhancement minor undecided www/i2p
#1842 Add a tl;dr of what exactly I2P provides in terms of anonymity assigned enhancement minor undecided www/i2p
#1907 easier initial installs assigned enhancement minor 0.9.36 installer
#2212 User-friendliness: open links in new tabs assigned enhancement minor undecided apps/console
#2287 Review Summary Bar and Home Page ordering open defect minor 0.9.38 apps/console
#2330 Parent ticket for .39 console changes new defect minor 0.9.39 apps/console
#2387 Add Donation Link To /home new task minor 0.9.39 apps/console
#1140 There should be tooltips for tunnel status assigned defect trivial apps/console
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