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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#833 Fix documentation of AES padding assigned defect minor www/i2p
#1210 Red text on a green background may cause problems for colorblind users assigned defect minor www/i2p
#1336 SAM Datagram Handling Enables Replay Attack assigned enhancement minor www/i2p
#1396 Errors on translated blog posts at assigned defect minor www/i2p
#1453 Help users with info to open their ports more easily assigned enhancement minor 0.9.36 apps/console
#1759 website: wide tables overflow column assigned defect minor soon www/i2p
#1999 armbian: i2p : Depends: libjbigi-jni but it is not installable assigned defect minor undecided package/debian
#2192 Update viewmtn links on website assigned defect minor undecided www/i2p
#2400 Don't require restart to change release number new defect minor undecided www/i2p
#2414 Migrate more pages to specs new defect minor undecided www/i2p
#2417 Remove flags for language selection (website) new defect minor undecided www/i2p
#2430 Problems WIth Website When Using Right-to-left Languages new defect minor undecided www/i2p
#1859 Outdated #fragments for common-structures in Network Database + Tunnel Routing page assigned defect trivial undecided www/i2p
#2236 Post spreadshirt link on the main website new enhancement trivial undecided www/i2p
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