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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2667 Podman/Docker assigned Meeh defect minor undecided
#2668 UDP Transport: use fast retransmit new zzz enhancement minor undecided
#2670 Error 500: java.lang.RuntimeException infoneeded_new zzz defect minor undecided
#2671 Android: Add GeoIP new Meeh enhancement minor undecided
#2674 MuWire network speed/ ticket issue assigned Zlatin Balevsky enhancement minor undecided
#2675 PacketBuilder blown up by wrong fragment size accepted zzz defect minor undecided
#2677 Allow third-party apps to start I2P on Android via a Bradcast Intent open Meeh enhancement minor undecided
#2679 predefined service tunnel for external server infoneeded zzz enhancement minor undecided
#2680 requesterbox to enter susidns name and automatic registration of susiDNS petname infoneeded_new zzz enhancement minor undecided
#2681 Load torrents without delay in I2PSnark when autostart is enabled new zzz enhancement minor undecided
#2682 Don't run WIndows Service as System user new defect minor undecided
#2683 limits on trac tight assigned Meeh defect minor undecided
#2687 Broadcast of Intent { act=android.intent.action.TIME_TICK flg=0x50000014 (has extras) } new Meeh defect minor undecided
#2689 Changing I2PSnark's tunnel allocation overrides dynamic allocation new zzz defect minor undecided
#2690 Windows installation improvements new enhancement minor undecided
#2691 Adopt OpenJDK doesn't work with Windows installer new defect minor undecided
#2695 Include snark-rpc in the distribution assigned idk enhancement minor undecided
#2700 Add option to restart tunnel after period of inactivity to Tunnel Manager client configuration new enhancement minor undecided
#2701 remove NTCP bottlenecks (some) open zzz enhancement minor undecided
#2703 Dynamically adjust tunnel count based on usage new enhancement minor undecided
#2704 Windows signing: DLLs and EXEs accepted zzz defect minor undecided
#2705 Clean up logic for requesting immediate acks new enhancement minor undecided
#2707 Make TCP_KAPPA configurable new enhancement minor undecided
#2713 SSU: single streaming timer, reset after ack new zzz enhancement minor undecided
#2714 SSU: OMF nextSendDelay not calculated properly new zzz defect minor undecided
#2721 Streaming: Reduce cwnd on idle new defect minor 0.9.46
#2729 Adopt JPackage for Windows and Mac installs new misc minor undecided
#2730 I2PSnark torrent names sometimes will not wrap to next line new zzz defect minor undecided
#2733 I2PSnark: improve sort algorithms new zzz enhancement minor undecided
#2734 Update OSX installer/launcher build docs assigned Meeh defect minor undecided
#2735 I2P Post-Quantun Cryptography new enhancement minor undecided
#2736 I2PSnark: Deleting torrent and then adding a magnet link of same torrent fails new zzz defect minor undecided
#2737 I2PSnark: some torrents are loaded prior to tunnel start, preventing autostart from working new zzz defect minor undecided
#2738 Better DS-Lite handling new zzz defect minor 0.9.47
#2740 News feed enhancements for multiple products new zzz enhancement minor undecided
#2741 References to classic theme resources now 404 assigned idk defect minor 0.9.47
#2742 News heading padding assigned idk defect minor 0.9.47
#2744 Updated file new enhancement minor undecided
#2745 MuWire incompatible with OpenJDK 14 new zzz defect minor undecided
#374 findbugs SusiDNS open defect maintenance
#375 findbugs SusiMail open defect maintenance
#376 findbugs addressbook open defect maintenance
#377 findbugs systray open defect maintenance
#378 findbugs i2ptunnel open defect maintenance
#379 findbugs core accepted zzz defect maintenance
#380 findbugs naming open defect maintenance
#381 findbugs streaming open defect maintenance
#382 findbugs router accepted zzz defect maintenance
#383 findbugs console open defect maintenance
#384 findbugs SAM assigned mkvore defect maintenance
#385 findbugs i2psnark accepted zzz defect maintenance
#386 findbugs core util, time, stat accepted zzz defect maintenance
#605 Forum subscription shows Banned eMail message. assigned cervantes defect maintenance
#618 Linear search under lock in net.i2p.client.I2PSessionImpl2::receiveStatus(...) open enhancement maintenance
#655 Move log calls out of synch blocks where possible open defect maintenance
#657 SSU review assigned enhancement maintenance
#662 Logger that drops records on overflow accepted zzz enhancement maintenance eventually
#699 Various small tweaks to reduce object churn open zzz enhancement maintenance
#840 Review Syndie site open task maintenance
#973 Don't start threads in constructors open defect maintenance
#1021 i2p does not work with IKVM new defect maintenance eventually
#1147 Doc issues from orignal/i2pd accepted zzz defect maintenance
#1316 I2P-Bote: File System Abstraction assigned str4d task maintenance
#1337 Check IRC/HTTP filter for IPv6 assigned Eche|on task maintenance 0.9.21
#1460 Add 64-bit launch4j windres and ld open defect maintenance eventually
#1482 I2P-Bote: multi user support assigned str4d enhancement maintenance undecided
#1483 I2P-Bote: half-logged-in (for mail fetching) assigned str4d enhancement maintenance undecided
#1484 I2P-Bote: batching delete packets assigned str4d enhancement maintenance undecided
#1491 APIs using Properties may ignore defaults accepted zzz task maintenance 0.9.20
#1493 I2P-Bote: IMAP threading broken assigned str4d defect maintenance undecided
#1548 Use of Reachability flag is misleading new zzz defect maintenance undecided
#1630 Bote fails to start at first run after update assigned str4d defect maintenance 0.9.22
#2062 Add gradle build system for Syndie open Zlatin Balevsky enhancement maintenance eventually
#2134 Handle ddos attacks better on core services infoneeded_new Meeh enhancement maintenance soon
#2158 Console should display 403 errors using console error template assigned enhancement maintenance undecided
#2170 Convert package.html files to open defect maintenance undecided
#2290 I2CP documentation improvements assigned idk enhancement maintenance undecided
#2455 RouterWatchdog barking when too few UDP errors new defect maintenance undecided
#2569 Backport fixes for mozilla bug 1552627 and 1549833 assigned Meeh defect maintenance undecided
#666 i2ptunnel uses un-buffered socket streams assigned sponge enhancement trivial
#745 utp support? open zzz enhancement trivial undecided
#818 Adding superseed to i2psnark new zzz enhancement trivial
#1140 There should be tooltips for tunnel status assigned sadie defect trivial
#1289 make share ratio a more meaningful number new enhancement trivial
#1304 naming the torrent in the list new zzz enhancement trivial
#1361 I2P-Bote, set different delay per hop assigned str4d enhancement trivial
#1494 I2P-Bote: allow priority in header infoneeded_new defect trivial undecided
#1838 Add tooltips to I2PSnark that show exact byte counts where larger units are shown in the UI open zzz enhancement trivial undecided
#1859 Outdated #fragments for common-structures in Network Database + Tunnel Routing page assigned sadie defect trivial undecided
#2100 Allow I2PSnark to serve as a protocol handler for torrent/magnet files open zzz enhancement trivial 0.9.47
#2236 Post spreadshirt link on the main website assigned sadie enhancement trivial undecided
#2259 UDP Packet Pusher optimization 2 new zzz enhancement trivial 0.9.36
#2280 Snark pipeline size new zzz enhancement trivial undecided
#2696 SAM: DEST REPLY fields assigned idk enhancement trivial undecided
#2697 Document SAM DEST REPLY result field assigned idk defect trivial undecided
#2698 SAM: Document session creation responses for subsessions assigned idk defect trivial undecided
#411 Add 'browser switching' option to desktopgui accepted Mathiasdm enhancement obsolete
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