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#2589 Fine-tune congestion avoidance growth factor new zzz enhancement undecided streaming
#2593 Orchid: move configuration section to separate page new zzz enhancement undecided apps/plugins
#2594 Orchid: Add button to create new circuit new zzz enhancement undecided apps/plugins
#2599 GzipFilter deprecated accepted zzz defect 0.9.46 apps/jetty
#2609 locked_shouldSend() violates send order new zzz defect undecided router/transport
#2613 locked_shouldSend() ignores THROTTLE_INITIAL_SEND new zzz defect undecided router/transport
#2619 NCTP Writer: Do not run dry new zzz defect undecided router/transport
#2620 NTCP reader: parallize operation new zzz enhancement undecided router/transport
#2646 UDP Transport: Drop peers faster new zzz defect undecided router/transport
#2653 ACKSender: properly set send time new zzz enhancement undecided router/transport
#2654 remove _retransmitter new zzz enhancement undecided router/transport
#2655 OMF: Remove MAX_VOLLEYS new zzz enhancement undecided router/transport
#2656 remove proactive reconnect code new zzz enhancement undecided router/transport
#2657 UDP transport: remove udp.sendAggressiveFailed stat new zzz enhancement undecided router/transport
#2658 remove _slowStartThreshold new zzz enhancement undecided router/transport
#2660 remove _consecutiveFailedSends new zzz enhancement undecided router/transport
#2664 Remove dead code from acked() new zzz enhancement undecided router/transport
#2668 UDP Transport: use fast retransmit new zzz enhancement undecided router/transport
#2670 Error 500: java.lang.RuntimeException infoneeded_new zzz defect undecided apps/i2psnark
#2675 PacketBuilder blown up by wrong fragment size accepted zzz defect undecided router/transport
#2679 predefined service tunnel for external server infoneeded zzz enhancement undecided apps/i2ptunnel
#2680 requesterbox to enter susidns name and automatic registration of susiDNS petname infoneeded_new zzz enhancement undecided apps/susimail
#2681 Load torrents without delay in I2PSnark when autostart is enabled new zzz enhancement undecided apps/i2psnark
#2689 Changing I2PSnark's tunnel allocation overrides dynamic allocation new zzz defect undecided apps/i2psnark
#2694 FloodfillPeerSelector: Remove bottlenecks accepted zzz enhancement 0.9.46 router/netdb
#2701 remove NTCP bottlenecks (some) open zzz enhancement undecided router/transport
#2713 SSU: single streaming timer, reset after ack new zzz enhancement undecided router/transport
#2714 SSU: OMF nextSendDelay not calculated properly new zzz defect undecided router/transport
#23 Implement possibility to define multiple/or range of ports in i2np.udp.port and i2np.ntcp.port reopened enhancement undecided router/transport
#518 clock jump during i2p start results in router hanging on "Network: Testing" new defect router/general
#522 Ability to work with system clock exclusively, and recover from clock jumps new defect router/general
#600 openUrl() confounded by certain Windows registry values new defect api/utils
#629 Blocking close() testing defect 0.9.9 streaming
#752 backup keyfiles open enhancement apps/i2ptunnel
#849 Decrypt garlic failed in router log new defect router/general
#857 Router console - Invalid form submission reopened defect undecided apps/console
#859 Cut down on I/O optionally on embedded devices open enhancement router/general
#888 accept b32 as well as b64 for hostnames new enhancement apps/addressbook
#903 Open Syndie URIs through command-line new enhancement apps/syndie
#905 What a mess with log files in Windows :-( open enhancement wrapper
#939 Syndie: There was an error creating the message. new defect apps/syndie
#961 i2p.router.client.ClientManager: Client attempted to register duplicate destination new defect apps/i2ptunnel
#1033 Auto startup (crontab) on *nix new enhancement installer
#1036 Option to store ALL i2p files in one place - in installation dir. new enhancement installer
#1040 Streaming half-close unused and broken open defect eventually streaming
#1051 change Windows start menu entry line open enhancement 0.9.27 installer
#1065 "portable" instructions in wrapper.config don't work open defect wrapper
#1172 add filebrowsing for torrent creation new enhancement apps/i2psnark
#1418 server tunnel encryption, 3 tunnels created... open defect 0.9.18 apps/i2ptunnel
#1097 Implement restricted routes (and mixing/throttling/etc) open defect unspecified
#1104 jsp processing failure does not abort build open defect undecided other
#1124 Wait longer for tagset ack open defect router/general
#1126 Syndie de-install windows not working open defect apps/syndie
#1131 Add SSL mutual authentication support open enhancement api/i2cp
#1139 "Semi-shutdown": Temporarily stopping accepting participating tunnels. open enhancement apps/console
#1143 Move whitelist/blacklist from streaming to I2CP open enhancement api/i2cp
#1176 Allow user to add messages into log file(s) new enhancement apps/console
#1188 Check for OBEP/IBGW transport compatibility open enhancement eventually router/general
#1200 Android tunnels fail after warm restart open defect apps/i2ptunnel
#1213 Orchid: Excess circuit creation for unknown host open defect apps/plugins
#1222 Java web start installer open enhancement installer
#1246 Syndie: java.sql.SQLDataException: data exception: string data, right truncation open defect apps/syndie
#1274 Easy Backup Button for I2P open enhancement api/general
#1284 Single part. tunnel to slow peer caused high message delay... open defect router/general
#1306 Need armv7 wrapper open enhancement 0.9.33 wrapper
#1317 headless *nix system new enhancement router/general
#1345 Add support for tunnel groups. new enhancement router/general
#1372 Large HTTP downloads fail when their tunnel expires? new defect streaming
#1398 Waiting too long for retrying participating traffic new defect router/general
#1399 UDP connectivity problems should be reported better new enhancement apps/console
#1410 Log directory path on windows open defect undecided installer
#1423 Add the ability to override rejecting tunnels on startup new enhancement 0.9.18 router/general
#1429 Allow i2p client applications to build more tunnels based on share ratio new enhancement 0.9.18 unspecified
#1440 I2P router hangs up and recovers hardly when its memory got paged by windows new defect unspecified
#1479 "Check for updates" reports "No update available" when there is an update open defect undecided router/update
#1492 I2P-Bote: missing public name infoneeded_new defect undecided apps/plugins
#1519 Managed update rollout open enhancement undecided router/update
#1522 Konqueror Display Issues Impacting i2p infoneeded_new defect undecided apps/console
#1611 syndie closes when I press post the message button open defect undecided apps/syndie
#1620 Improve translation update process open defect undecided other
#1632 Collect and analyze download statistics open enhancement soon other
#1634 No expl. tunnels after soft restart for backwards clock shift open defect 0.9.22 router/general
#1637 inconsistant timeframe for graphs in console new defect undecided apps/console
#1655 IKVM.NET JRE issues open defect eventually installer
#1666 Occasional very high spikes in transport.sendProcessingTime and tunnel.acceptLoad delay greatly hindering participating tunnel performance new defect undecided router/general
#1683 allow adding b32 to addressbook new enhancement undecided apps/addressbook
#1688 Rekey on copy open defect undecided router/general
#1705 net.i2p.util.SimpleTimer2 : timer error testing defect 0.9.24 api/utils
#1714 CheckEmailTask: Can't decrypt email packet infoneeded_new defect undecided apps/plugins
#1725 Router console appears to be inaccessible before the time is synched testing defect undecided router/general
#1766 Tag missing i2ptunnel strings open defect undecided apps/i2ptunnel
#1788 Optimizing throttling to make better use of router bandwidth within user-specified limits open enhancement undecided router/general
#1802 httpclient does not do in-session hostname lookups in app context new defect eventually apps/i2ptunnel
#1840 [arm64] Jbigi open enhancement 0.9.32 api/crypto
#1847 /configupdate shows su2 keys new defect 0.9.29 apps/console
#1848 IPv4 Auto Detection Fails open defect undecided router/transport
#1849 Document why signature in SSU SessionCreated msg is encrypted new enhancement eventually www/i2p
#1855 Syndie v1.1.07b : improve the text of the exit dialog ? new enhancement undecided apps/syndie
#1906 startup sanity checks - out of band new enhancement undecided router/general
#1915 I2PPacketDispatcher: Invalid datagram received open defect undecided api/utils
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