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#1683 allow adding b32 to addressbook new enhancement undecided apps/addressbook
#2554 android java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException new Meeh defect undecided apps/android
#2484 android.content.ActivityNotFoundException new Meeh defect undecided apps/android
#1999 armbian: i2p : Depends: libjbigi-jni but it is not installable assigned slumlord defect undecided package/debian
#752 backup keyfiles open enhancement apps/i2ptunnel
#2501 bote show "install JCE unlimited strnght policy" despite being installed assigned Meeh defect undecided apps/plugins
#2391 bug: new Meeh defect eventually apps/android
#1051 change Windows start menu entry line open enhancement 0.9.27 installer
#2526 change ssl port from 4444 to 4445 assigned Meeh defect undecided apps/browser
#518 clock jump during i2p start results in router hanging on "Network: Testing" new defect router/general
#2323 configuring i2p with dpkg autostart doesnt work assigned Masayuki Hatta defect undecided package/debian
#2393 content : write a guide to creating very light (small file size) sites assigned sadie enhancement undecided apps/jetty
#2578 create a i2pj project in the browser build scripts new Meeh enhancement soon apps/browser
#1657 distributed chat new zzz enhancement undecided apps/i2psnark
#1907 easier initial installs assigned sadie enhancement 0.9.36 installer
#1442 eepget batch script in windows does not expect spaces in %JAVA% variable accepted killyourtv defect 0.9.18 installer
#2122 eepsite fails to load after 200 OK in jetty logs open defect undecided router/general
#2665 harden I2PBrowser - TLS,Punycode new Meeh enhancement n/a apps/browser
#1317 headless *nix system new enhancement router/general
#1756 http://i2p-projekt.i2p/en/blog/ (news) : translations are not applied assigned str4d defect undecided www/i2p
#1802 httpclient does not do in-session hostname lookups in app context new defect eventually apps/i2ptunnel
#847 i2p attempts to start lynx on launch, a terminal-based web browser assigned sponge defect apps/systray
#2370 i2p for Android stops in background new Meeh defect undecided apps/android
#2513 i2p miss control infoneeded_new enhancement 0.9.42 apps/jetty
#2325 i2p package with down-rev libjbigi-jni new zzz defect undecided package/debian
#2306 i2p service doesn't start due to missing AppArmor profile in LXC container new Masayuki Hatta defect undecided package/debian
#961 i2p.router.client.ClientManager: Client attempted to register duplicate destination new defect apps/i2ptunnel
#2090 i2p.streaming.* options don't work from router.config accepted zzz enhancement undecided streaming
#1983 i2pbote SMTP service announces STARTTLS, but doesn't support TLS by default assigned str4d defect undecided apps/plugins
#1450 i2pbote delay: per-identity and per-message [0.01 BTC] accepted str4d enhancement eventually apps/plugins
#1474 i2pbote email creation uses 100% of web browser (javascript) assigned str4d defect undecided apps/plugins
#2324 i2prouter doesnt recognize I2P running within Systemctl assigned Masayuki Hatta defect 0.9.39 package/debian
#1740 i2prouter: environment variables for ARCH new killyourtv enhancement undecided wrapper
#2426 i2psnark does not check files in subdirectories for completeness new zzz defect 0.9.39 apps/i2psnark
#1263 i2psnark does not start with external hard drive (OSX) new zzz defect apps/i2psnark
#1684 i2psnark: Optimize for solid state drives open zzz defect undecided apps/i2psnark
#1938 i2psnark: character mapping setting lost when copying torrent data new zzz defect undecided apps/i2psnark
#1893 i2psnark: data loss on restarts open zzz defect 0.9.30 apps/i2psnark
#1308 i2psnark: limit download bandwidth open zzz enhancement 0.9.18 apps/i2psnark
#1775 i2psnark; Fix end-game parallelism new zzz defect eventually apps/i2psnark
#955 iMule: View shared files on user kills their connection assigned mkvore defect apps/other
#1637 inconsistant timeframe for graphs in console new defect undecided apps/console
#2579 integrate the i2pjlink results into i2p-browser in browser build scripts new Meeh enhancement soon apps/browser
#2297 ipv6 only: weird effects with v4 inbound disabled new zzz defect undecided router/transport
#2630 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException android.view.MotionEvent.nativeGetAxisValue new Meeh defect undecided apps/android
#2553 java.lang.RuntimeException - android.view.ViewGroup.resetCancelNextUpFlag new Meeh defect undecided apps/android
#1984 jircii tries to resolve the tunnel b32 address once via dns on startup new defect undecided apps/plugins
#1104 jsp processing failure does not abort build open defect undecided other
#2683 limits on trac tight assigned Meeh defect undecided other
#1705 net.i2p.util.SimpleTimer2 : timer error testing defect 0.9.24 api/utils
#2341 nomenclature of i2ptunnels + graphical issue assigned sadie defect 0.9.38 apps/i2ptunnel
#600 openUrl() confounded by certain Windows registry values new defect api/utils
#648 outbound (proxy) node support assigned sadie enhancement router/transport
#1911 participating tunnels reported inconsistently accepted zzz defect 0.9.36 apps/console
#1609 peer.failedLookupRate poor when not floodfill open zzz defect undecided router/netdb
#2679 predefined service tunnel for external server infoneeded zzz enhancement undecided apps/i2ptunnel
#2701 remove NTCP bottlenecks (some) open zzz enhancement undecided router/transport
#1338 remove i2prouter i2psvc etc from $PATH for debian package new killyourtv enhancement package/debian
#2680 requesterbox to enter susidns name and automatic registration of susiDNS petname infoneeded_new zzz enhancement undecided apps/susimail
#1651 scala tests will break with java 8 (oracle) assigned str4d defect 0.9.27 other
#1418 server tunnel encryption, 3 tunnels created... open defect 0.9.18 apps/i2ptunnel
#1990 stack trace on running a torrent while hashing... accepted zzz defect 0.9.31 apps/i2psnark
#1906 startup sanity checks - out of band new enhancement undecided router/general
#2628 strange java.lang.SecurityException (android) new Meeh defect undecided apps/android
#1381 su3 for dev builds testing zzz enhancement 0.9.20 router/update
#1611 syndie closes when I press post the message button open defect undecided apps/syndie
#82 systray causes JVM crash (Windows service error on router restart) reopened Mathiasdm defect apps/console
#2023 upgrade from 0.9.30 to 0.9.31 broken assigned Masayuki Hatta defect 0.9.33 package/debian
#726 users can be deanonymized with browser fingerprinting assigned sadie enhancement www/i2p
#1694 v0.9.22-19 SimpleTimer2 & "not possible to be in RUNNING" testing zzz defect 0.9.23 api/utils
#1759 website: wide tables overflow column assigned slumlord defect soon www/i2p
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