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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2711 Streaming: allow more than one fast retransmit per packet accepted Zlatin Balevsky enhancement major undecided
#730 Default snark download location should not be "hidden" open zzz enhancement minor
#774 ACKSender study & optimizations open Zlatin Balevsky enhancement minor
#1146 High "system" CPU usage by SimpleTimer2 threads infoneeded zzz enhancement minor
#2056 Investigate the Thread.sleep(5) in I2PTunnelRunner open Zlatin Balevsky task minor undecided
#2057 Eclipse build environment open Zlatin Balevsky task minor 0.9.33
#2090 i2p.streaming.* options don't work from router.config accepted zzz enhancement minor undecided
#2122 eepsite fails to load after 200 OK in jetty logs open defect minor undecided
#2251 Remove sleep from EventPumper accepted zzz enhancement minor 0.9.36
#2252 Reduce number of Reader and Writer threads new Zlatin Balevsky enhancement minor undecided
#2264 Reduce blockage in EventPumper new enhancement minor undecided
#2271 CoDeL Queue with single-lock bulk put new enhancement minor undecided
#2274 Replace NTCPFinisher ThreadPool with Disruptor new enhancement minor undecided
#2281 Use memory-mapped files in Snark new zzz enhancement minor undecided
#2346 NTCP2 connection idle with queued message accepted zzz defect minor 0.9.38
#2446 Increase LeaseSet.MAX_LEASES a lot new zzz enhancement minor undecided
#2472 SOCKS5 support in server tunnels new enhancement minor undecided
#2560 Add listener to Router _state events new enhancement minor undecided
#2576 Do not use message-based window in SSU new zzz enhancement minor undecided
#2586 Fine-tune BatchedRouterPreprocessor.DEFAULT_BATCH_FREQUENCY new enhancement minor undecided
#2705 Clean up logic for requesting immediate acks new enhancement minor undecided
#2707 Make TCP_KAPPA configurable new enhancement minor undecided
#2729 Adopt JPackage for Windows and Mac installs new misc minor undecided
#618 Linear search under lock in net.i2p.client.I2PSessionImpl2::receiveStatus(...) open enhancement maintenance
#657 SSU review assigned enhancement maintenance
#662 Logger that drops records on overflow accepted zzz enhancement maintenance eventually
#699 Various small tweaks to reduce object churn open zzz enhancement maintenance
#2062 Add gradle build system for Syndie open Zlatin Balevsky enhancement maintenance eventually
#2290 I2CP documentation improvements assigned idk enhancement maintenance undecided
#2455 RouterWatchdog barking when too few UDP errors new defect maintenance undecided
#666 i2ptunnel uses un-buffered socket streams assigned sponge enhancement trivial
#2259 UDP Packet Pusher optimization 2 new zzz enhancement trivial 0.9.36
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