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#655 Move log calls out of synch blocks where possible open defect maintenance
#973 Don't start threads in constructors open defect maintenance
#1040 Streaming half-close unused and broken open defect minor eventually
#1065 "portable" instructions in wrapper.config don't work open defect minor
#1104 jsp processing failure does not abort build open defect minor undecided
#1124 Wait longer for tagset ack open defect minor
#1131 Add SSL mutual authentication support open enhancement minor
#1143 Move whitelist/blacklist from streaming to I2CP open enhancement minor
#1188 Check for OBEP/IBGW transport compatibility open enhancement minor eventually
#1200 Android tunnels fail after warm restart open defect minor
#1213 Orchid: Excess circuit creation for unknown host open defect minor
#1222 Java web start installer open enhancement minor
#1284 Single part. tunnel to slow peer caused high message delay... open defect minor
#1460 Add 64-bit launch4j windres and ld open defect maintenance eventually
#1519 Managed update rollout open enhancement minor undecided
#1620 Improve translation update process open defect minor undecided
#1634 No expl. tunnels after soft restart for backwards clock shift open defect minor 0.9.22
#1655 IKVM.NET JRE issues open defect minor eventually
#1688 Rekey on copy open defect minor undecided
#1766 Tag missing i2ptunnel strings open defect minor undecided
#1802 httpclient does not do in-session hostname lookups in app context new defect minor eventually
#1840 [arm64] Jbigi open enhancement minor 0.9.32
#1847 /configupdate shows su2 keys new defect minor 0.9.29
#1849 Document why signature in SSU SessionCreated msg is encrypted new enhancement minor eventually
#1937 Orchid: OOM with old cached-microdescs new defect minor undecided
#2073 Add SPDX license IDs to all source files open task minor eventually
#2221 Offload transparent decompression to browser new enhancement minor undecided
#2244 Add SSL Wizard support for non-Jetty servers new defect minor 0.9.36
#2261 Add IDN support to proxy error pages new enhancement minor eventually
#2269 Add support for content negotiation to I2PDefaultservlet new enhancement minor 0.9.37
#2362 Java 11 testing new defect minor 0.9.39
#2376 Launch4j build warning Java 11 new defect minor undecided
#2431 Streaming only closes one acceptor new defect minor undecided
#2682 Don't run Windows Service as System user open defect minor undecided
#2721 Streaming: Reduce cwnd on idle new defect minor 0.9.46
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