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#2570 Firefox CVE-2019-9811: Sandbox escape via installation of malicious language pack new Meeh defect critical n/a
#1730 I2P-Bote Android: FC when adding attachment assigned Meeh defect major undecided
#2291 I2PSnark corrupts torrents downloaded with the same filename accepted zzz defect major 0.9.42
#2404 Android OnBootReceiver java.lang.IllegalStateException assigned Meeh defect major undecided
#2530 Add .asc signature new idk defect major undecided
#2549 Consider sandboxing I2PBrowser new Meeh enhancement major undecided
#2568 Massive amount of simultaneously open threads on FreeBSD after some time new defect major eventually
#2572 Support creating a torrent with data outside i2psnark directory infoneeded_new zzz enhancement major undecided
#1393 Clarify HTTP/HTTPS client outproxy configuration assigned sadie enhancement minor
#1444 I2P-Bote Android: Address book import and export assigned Meeh enhancement minor undecided
#1446 I2P-Bote Android: Merge menus into a single one assigned Meeh defect minor soon
#1734 I2P-Bote Android: Handle content share assigned Meeh enhancement minor undecided
#1893 i2psnark: data loss on restarts reopened zzz defect minor 0.9.30
#2087 Enhancements to Susimail open enhancement minor undecided
#2120 Allow I2PSnark to save and recall state between sessions open zzz enhancement minor 0.9.42
#2163 Expose user-agent strings for HTTP proxy in Tunnel Manager configuration open defect minor undecided
#2210 Bote: Could not initialize class org.jfree.chart.JFreeChart assigned Meeh defect minor undecided
#2275 I2PSnark/DHT: Increase blacklist timeout to 3 hours. open zzz enhancement minor undecided
#2278 [I2PSnark] Torrent comments notification accepted zzz enhancement minor 0.9.42
#2297 ipv6 only: weird effects with v4 inbound disabled new zzz defect minor undecided
#2298 Translate console help page accepted zzz defect minor 0.9.42
#2391 bug: new Meeh defect minor eventually
#2392 i2p console design - migrate pngs to svgs and replace as many as possible with icons from feather assigned sadie enhancement minor 0.9.40
#2406 Android - has leaked ServiceConnection new Meeh defect minor undecided
#2407 Android - E/WindowManager: android.view.WindowLeaked new Meeh defect minor undecided
#2415 Wizard improvements assigned sadie defect minor 0.9.42
#2460 Broadcast of Intent { act=android.intent.action.TIME_TICK flg=0x50200014 (has extras) } new Meeh defect minor undecided
#2484 android.content.ActivityNotFoundException new Meeh defect minor undecided
#2525 Signature Type changing to DSA-SHA1 by turning the tunnel off/on new defect minor undecided
#2526 change ssl port from 4444 to 4445 assigned Meeh defect minor undecided
#2540 Disabling outproxy wont disable it new defect minor undecided
#2547 Modify option always showing up without pressing on it new Meeh defect minor undecided
#2550 Ticket title doesnt show similar subjects reopened Meeh defect minor undecided
#2553 java.lang.RuntimeException - android.view.ViewGroup.resetCancelNextUpFlag new Meeh defect minor undecided
#2554 android java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException new Meeh defect minor undecided
#2559 Remove NoScript default allowed websites new Meeh defect minor n/a
#2560 Add listener to Router _state events new enhancement minor undecided
#2562 Remove/Change I2P HTTPS Proxy tunnel new defect minor undecided
#2571 Susimail should show 'To' column not 'From' column in sent and draft folders new zzz defect minor undecided
#2569 Backport fixes for mozilla bug 1552627 and 1549833 assigned Meeh defect maintenance undecided
#2236 Post spreadshirt link on the main website assigned sadie enhancement trivial undecided
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