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#816 I2P error - proxy authentication required accepted zzz minor apps/i2ptunnel
#947 Bugs if we stop tunnel when it's building accepted zzz minor apps/i2ptunnel
#961 i2p.router.client.ClientManager: Client attempted to register duplicate destination new minor apps/i2ptunnel
#1200 Android tunnels fail after warm restart open minor apps/i2ptunnel
#1418 server tunnel encryption, 3 tunnels created... open minor 0.9.18 apps/i2ptunnel
#1697 Please write to the log when I2P is ready for use assigned Masayuki Hatta minor 0.9.39 apps/i2ptunnel
#1766 Tag missing i2ptunnel strings open minor undecided apps/i2ptunnel
#1802 httpclient does not do in-session hostname lookups in app context new minor eventually apps/i2ptunnel
#2086 Allow manual configuration of outproxy host/port/proxy type for HTTP(S) client tunnel open minor undecided apps/i2ptunnel
#2244 Add SSL Wizard support for non-Jetty servers new minor 0.9.36 apps/i2ptunnel
#2340 /i2ptunnelmgr graphical issue assigned sadie minor 0.9.38 apps/i2ptunnel
#2341 nomenclature of i2ptunnels + graphical issue assigned sadie minor 0.9.38 apps/i2ptunnel
#2478 I2PTunnelHTTPServer logs should be scrubbed new minor undecided apps/i2ptunnel
#2525 Signature Type changing to DSA-SHA1 by turning the tunnel off/on new minor undecided apps/i2ptunnel
#2540 Disabling outproxy wont disable it new minor undecided apps/i2ptunnel
#2562 Remove/Change I2P HTTPS Proxy tunnel new minor undecided apps/i2ptunnel
#1685 Large log files unpruned by zzzot open major undecided apps/jetty
#2098 Jetty 9.3/9.4 open minor eventually apps/jetty
#2592 libjetty NPE on debian 0.9.41-8 new zzz minor undecided apps/jetty
#2599 GzipFilter deprecated new minor 0.9.43 apps/jetty
#955 iMule: View shared files on user kills their connection assigned mkvore minor apps/other
#1822 I2Phex standalone will not start properly open zzz minor undecided apps/other
#2294 I2Phex standalone fail starting on Ubuntu 18.04 ('wrong Java version') new major undecided apps/other
#624 Move disk-intensive files to a user selectable dir -- Seedless databases. accepted sponge minor apps/plugins
#926 I2P-Bote: High tunnel count assigned str4d minor apps/plugins
#1213 Orchid: Excess circuit creation for unknown host open minor apps/plugins
#1241 I2P-Bote: Crashes router / JVM on some systems assigned str4d major apps/plugins
#1260 I2PBote: Locks up entire console assigned str4d major apps/plugins
#1382 I2P-Bote: local DoS with certain passwords makes messages irretrievable/unsendable assigned str4d critical apps/plugins
#1404 I2P-Bote: local DoS with certain passwords, #2 assigned str4d critical apps/plugins
#1446 I2P-Bote Android: Merge menus into a single one assigned Meeh minor soon apps/plugins
#1474 i2pbote email creation uses 100% of web browser (javascript) assigned str4d minor undecided apps/plugins
#1481 i2pbote does not allow own addresses on SMTP if long (NTRU) assigned str4d major undecided apps/plugins
#1492 I2P-Bote: missing public name infoneeded_new minor undecided apps/plugins
#1493 I2P-Bote: IMAP threading broken assigned str4d maintenance undecided apps/plugins
#1494 I2P-Bote: allow priority in header infoneeded_new trivial undecided apps/plugins
#1562 Bote ignores session exception open str4d minor undecided apps/plugins
#1630 Bote fails to start at first run after update assigned str4d maintenance 0.9.22 apps/plugins
#1714 CheckEmailTask: Can't decrypt email packet infoneeded_new minor undecided apps/plugins
#1730 I2P-Bote Android: FC when adding attachment assigned Meeh major undecided apps/plugins
#1851 Invisible text in Google Chrome when viewing Bote assigned str4d minor undecided apps/plugins
#1892 ERROR [le Jetty-407] i2p.bote.util.GeneralHelper : Can't save contact to address book. assigned str4d minor undecided apps/plugins
#1910 Separate password caches for I2P-Bote WebUI and IMAP assigned str4d minor undecided apps/plugins
#1937 Orchid: OOM with old cached-microdescs new minor undecided apps/plugins
#1942 Always invisible text on Pale Moon browser assigned sadie minor undecided apps/plugins
#1945 I2P-Bote: Multiple errors assigned str4d minor undecided apps/plugins
#1957 ERROR [te #25449]: ] I2PSession returned a null message: msgId=32603772, size=15820, Session: Ylfa[OPEN I2P-Bote #25449]: assigned str4d minor undecided apps/plugins
#1983 i2pbote SMTP service announces STARTTLS, but doesn't support TLS by default assigned str4d minor undecided apps/plugins
#1984 jircii tries to resolve the tunnel b32 address once via dns on startup new minor undecided apps/plugins
#2210 Bote: Could not initialize class org.jfree.chart.JFreeChart assigned Meeh minor undecided apps/plugins
#2226 Bote HTTP ERROR 500 assigned str4d minor undecided apps/plugins
#2425 Bootstrap nodes are unreachable assigned str4d critical undecided apps/plugins
#2500 No new email able to write bote plugin assigned Meeh major undecided apps/plugins
#2501 bote show "install JCE unlimited strnght policy" despite being installed assigned Meeh minor undecided apps/plugins
#2502 I2P bote UT8 errror on creating new ID assigned Meeh minor undecided apps/plugins
#2580 Orchid resets config on update new zzz major undecided apps/plugins
#2581 Orchid: INFO and WARN level logs are duplicated in wrapper.log new zzz minor undecided apps/plugins
#2601 Bote: Don't bundle Tomcat jars assigned str4d minor undecided apps/plugins
#374 findbugs SusiDNS open maintenance apps/susidns
#2419 Susidns form result box overlaps form assigned sadie minor 0.9.40 apps/susidns
#375 findbugs SusiMail open maintenance apps/susimail
#2081 Local Susimail cache should be encrypted with user's password open major undecided apps/susimail
#2169 Susimail: New mail should remain flagged as new until opened assigned zzz minor 0.9.36 apps/susimail
#2202 Susimail error when opening a mail reopened zzz major 0.9.35 apps/susimail
#2475 Cannot Delete Email new zzz minor undecided apps/susimail
#939 Syndie: There was an error creating the message. new minor apps/syndie
#1126 Syndie de-install windows not working open minor apps/syndie
#1246 Syndie: java.sql.SQLDataException: data exception: string data, right truncation open minor apps/syndie
#1611 syndie closes when I press post the message button open minor undecided apps/syndie
#1808 Syndie 1.106b-1 : errors when first start : "SEVERE readExistingData" and more new zzz major n/a apps/syndie
#1825 'syndie-installer-1.106b-3' does not create icons in Cinnamon desktop environment new zzz major undecided apps/syndie
#1826 syndie v1.106b-3 : crash when clicking menu 'Forums > Read all' new zzz major undecided apps/syndie
#1944 Syndie v1.107b : error messages in the logs when sync with a archive open minor undecided apps/syndie
#2332 Syndie's "Syndicate" shows unwanted "&8239;" string new zzz minor eventually apps/syndie
#377 findbugs systray open maintenance apps/systray
#847 i2p attempts to start lynx on launch, a terminal-based web browser assigned sponge minor apps/systray
#971 instillation hangs new major 0.9.18 installer
#1031 Installer behaves in odd way assigned zzz minor installer
#1410 Log directory path on windows open minor undecided installer
#1442 eepget batch script in windows does not expect spaces in %JAVA% variable accepted killyourtv minor 0.9.18 installer
#1460 Add 64-bit launch4j windres and ld open maintenance eventually installer
#1655 IKVM.NET JRE issues open minor eventually installer
#2299 Incompatible with OSX High Sierra / Java 10.0.2 assigned Meeh major 0.9.43 installer
#2309 I2P Installation on Windows doesn't respect wrapper.config for JAVA_HOME new minor undecided installer
#2337 Windows Installer doesn't seem to properly detect JRE under RUNASINVOKER open minor undecided installer
#2376 Launch4j build warning Java 11 new minor undecided installer
#2413 Bandwidth Test always fails in Tokyo, Japan new minor 0.9.39 installer
#2608 Update izpack installer logo assigned sadie minor 0.9.43 installer
#2625 Remove QoS throttle on MacOS assigned Meeh minor undecided installer
#605 Forum subscription shows Banned eMail message. assigned cervantes maintenance other
#655 Move log calls out of synch blocks where possible open maintenance other
#1104 jsp processing failure does not abort build open minor undecided other
#1620 Improve translation update process open minor undecided other
#1651 scala tests will break with java 8 (oracle) assigned str4d minor 0.9.27 other
#1865 Issues in macOS jbigi and jcpuid with i2p-0.9.27/core/c/jbigi/ and i2p-0.9.27/core/c/jcpuid/ accepted zzz minor undecided other
#1914 Eclipse build issues assigned Zlatin Balevsky minor 0.9.34 other
#2170 Convert package.html files to open maintenance undecided other
#2461 Fix Travis assigned idk minor 0.9.40 other
#2511 Require Java 8 new minor eventually other
#1837 Use less risky code for /tmp handling in I2P initscript and systemd unit file assigned Masayuki Hatta minor 0.9.39 package/debian
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