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#816 I2P error - proxy authentication required accepted zzz minor apps/i2ptunnel
#1440 I2P router hangs up and recovers hardly when its memory got paged by windows new minor unspecified
#1730 I2P-Bote Android: FC when adding attachment assigned Meeh major undecided apps/plugins
#1446 I2P-Bote Android: Merge menus into a single one assigned Meeh minor soon apps/plugins
#1241 I2P-Bote: Crashes router / JVM on some systems assigned str4d major apps/plugins
#926 I2P-Bote: High tunnel count assigned str4d minor apps/plugins
#1493 I2P-Bote: IMAP threading broken assigned str4d maintenance undecided apps/plugins
#1945 I2P-Bote: Multiple errors assigned str4d minor undecided apps/plugins
#1494 I2P-Bote: allow priority in header infoneeded_new trivial undecided apps/plugins
#1382 I2P-Bote: local DoS with certain passwords makes messages irretrievable/unsendable assigned str4d critical apps/plugins
#1404 I2P-Bote: local DoS with certain passwords, #2 assigned str4d critical apps/plugins
#1492 I2P-Bote: missing public name infoneeded_new minor undecided apps/plugins
#2534 I2P-Browser false update notification testing Meeh minor undecided apps/browser
#1260 I2PBote: Locks up entire console assigned str4d major apps/plugins
#1915 I2PPacketDispatcher: Invalid datagram received open minor undecided api/utils
#1415 I2PSnark filename conversion to builtin charset in windows may cause data loss new zzz major 0.9.20 apps/i2psnark
#2350 I2PSnark loses torrent download priority when power interrupted new zzz minor undecided apps/i2psnark
#691 I2PSnark sends interested message when not interested new zzz minor apps/i2psnark
#371 I2PSnarkServlet / SnarkManager DirMonitor accepted zzz minor 0.9.25 apps/i2psnark
#2478 I2PTunnelHTTPServer logs should be scrubbed new minor undecided apps/i2ptunnel
#2294 I2Phex standalone fail starting on Ubuntu 18.04 ('wrong Java version') new major undecided apps/other
#1822 I2Phex standalone will not start properly open zzz minor undecided apps/other
#1758 I2Snark-Set priorities for whole folders new zzz minor undecided apps/i2psnark
#1655 IKVM.NET JRE issues open minor eventually installer
#1848 IPv4 Auto Detection Fails open minor undecided router/transport
#1951 IPv6-only mode says IPv4 firewalled in Routerconsole open minor 0.9.31 router/transport
#1489 Implement HPKP for Internet facing sites open minor undecided www/i2p
#2112 Implement global tracker state open zzz minor 0.9.35 apps/i2psnark
#1097 Implement restricted routes (and mixing/throttling/etc) open minor unspecified
#1620 Improve translation update process open minor undecided other
#2299 Incompatible with OSX High Sierra / Java 10.0.2 assigned Meeh major 0.9.41 installer
#1016 Incorrect handling of AIOOBE caused by streaming packet testing str4d minor 0.9.21 router/general
#966 Increase expl. and i2psnark default to 3 hops accepted zzz minor 0.9.18 router/general
#2538 Increase security bar for I2P websites TLS assigned Meeh minor undecided www/i2p
#1031 Installer behaves in odd way assigned zzz minor installer
#1166 Investigate LS lookups over client tunnels assigned zzz minor router/netdb
#1343 Investigate crypto crash on Android w/o assigned Meeh minor apps/android
#1851 Invisible text in Google Chrome when viewing Bote assigned str4d minor undecided apps/plugins
#1865 Issues in macOS jbigi and jcpuid with i2p-0.9.27/core/c/jbigi/ and i2p-0.9.27/core/c/jcpuid/ accepted zzz minor undecided other
#2362 Java 11 testing new minor 0.9.39 api/crypto
#2098 Jetty 9.3/9.4 open minor eventually apps/jetty
#1522 Konqueror Display Issues Impacting i2p infoneeded_new minor undecided apps/console
#1372 Large HTTP downloads fail when their tunnel expires? new minor streaming
#1685 Large log files unpruned by zzzot open major undecided apps/jetty
#2376 Launch4j build warning Java 11 new minor undecided installer
#2081 Local Susimail cache should be encrypted with user's password open major undecided apps/susimail
#1410 Log directory path on windows open minor undecided installer
#1742 Lots of unencrypted Database Store messages accepted zzz minor 0.9.24 router/netdb
#2568 Massive amount of simultaneously open threads on FreeBSD after some time new major eventually apps/i2ptunnel
#1930 Maven: Add jbigi.jar assigned Meeh minor undecided package/maven
#698 Message delay calculation open zzz minor router/transport
#2414 Migrate more pages to specs assigned sadie minor undecided www/i2p
#2374 Misaligned flags dark theme /configui firefox assigned sadie minor 0.9.39 apps/console
#2547 Modify option always showing up without pressing on it new Meeh minor undecided trac
#2265 Move all static content from jsps to servlets new zzz minor 0.9.37 apps/console
#624 Move disk-intensive files to a user selectable dir -- Seedless databases. accepted sponge minor apps/plugins
#655 Move log calls out of synch blocks where possible open maintenance other
#731 Multi user support accepted zzz minor apps/console
#2619 NCTP Writer: Do not run dry new zzz minor undecided router/transport
#2379 NPE in ntcp reader new minor undecided router/general
#2255 NTCP _currentOutbound new zzz minor 0.9.36 router/transport
#689 NTCP limit inbound queues open zzz minor router/transport
#2346 NTCP2 connection idle with queued message accepted zzz minor 0.9.38 router/transport
#1724 NetDb lookup reduction and negative cache improvements open zzz minor 0.9.24 router/netdb
#2024 New UI in 0.9.31 is slow in firefox. Some page is not scale properly open str4d minor 0.9.33 apps/console
#1634 No expl. tunnels after soft restart for backwards clock shift open minor 0.9.22 router/general
#2500 No new email able to write bote plugin assigned Meeh major undecided apps/plugins
#1666 Occasional very high spikes in transport.sendProcessingTime and tunnel.acceptLoad delay greatly hindering participating tunnel performance new minor undecided router/general
#2411 Old RIs stored to floodfills new zzz minor 0.9.39 router/netdb
#1248 One count tunnels run poorly assigned zzz minor router/general
#2150 Option bindAllInterfaces does not work infoneeded major undecided router/general
#2575 Orchid fails to download descriptors when useMicrodescriptors=false new zzz minor undecided apps/plugins
#2580 Orchid resets config on update new zzz major undecided apps/plugins
#1213 Orchid: Excess circuit creation for unknown host open minor apps/plugins
#2581 Orchid: INFO and WARN level logs are duplicated in wrapper.log new zzz minor undecided apps/plugins
#1937 Orchid: OOM with old cached-microdescs new minor undecided apps/plugins
#1859 Outdated #fragments for common-structures in Network Database + Tunnel Routing page assigned sadie trivial undecided www/i2p
#2330 Parent ticket for .39 console changes new sadie minor 0.9.39 apps/console
#2613 locked_shouldSend() ignores THROTTLE_INITIAL_SEND new zzz minor undecided router/transport
#2609 locked_shouldSend() violates send order new zzz minor undecided router/transport
#1697 Please write to the log when I2P is ready for use assigned Masayuki Hatta minor 0.9.39 apps/i2ptunnel
#2240 Preference for inbound IPv6 peers new zzz minor undecided router/transport
#2430 Problems WIth Website When Using Right-to-left Languages assigned sadie minor undecided www/i2p
#1259 Recognize transition to completely blocked UDP open zzz minor 0.9.28 router/transport
#2433 Refactor SSU EstablishmentManager doPass() new zzz minor undecided router/transport
#1688 Rekey on copy open minor undecided router/general
#2559 Remove NoScript default allowed websites new Meeh minor n/a apps/browser
#2418 Remove flags for language selection (console) assigned sadie minor undecided apps/console
#2562 Remove/Change I2P HTTPS Proxy tunnel new minor undecided apps/i2ptunnel
#2528 Replace the clearnet search engines with I2P based search engines new idk minor undecided apps/browser
#2511 Require Java 8 new minor eventually other
#1384 Reseeding can take place before the netDb is ready testing zzz minor 0.9.18 router/netdb
#2231 Reseeding does not increase number of known routers after 1 hour of uptime reopened minor undecided api/utils
#2512 Review SSU max concurrent messages new zzz minor 0.9.42 router/transport
#2287 Review Summary Bar and Home Page ordering open sadie minor 0.9.38 apps/console
#2099 Rework FileUtil.extractZip() to expose error messages open minor undecided api/utils
#1584 Router can't handle IP/network change accepted dg major soon router/transport
#857 Router console - Invalid form submission reopened minor undecided apps/console
#1725 Router console appears to be inaccessible before the time is synched testing minor undecided router/general
#1499 Router does not recover its UPnP mappings, if they're gone new zzz minor undecided router/transport
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