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#2467 Do not use isValidPort() on inbound connections accepted zzz defect major 0.9.43
#2393 content : write a guide to creating very light (small file size) sites assigned sadie enhancement minor undecided
#2472 SOCKS5 support in server tunnels new enhancement minor undecided
#2473 Lower Snark piece size new zzz enhancement minor undecided
#2475 Cannot Delete Email new zzz defect minor undecided
#2478 I2PTunnelHTTPServer logs should be scrubbed new defect minor undecided
#2484 android.content.ActivityNotFoundException new Meeh defect minor undecided
#2486 ANR I2PTunnel Android new Meeh defect minor undecided
#2495 SusiDNS: Move 'Add destination' and 'Import Hosts.txt' panels to new page assigned sadie enhancement minor undecided
#2496 Add total number of tunnels built and build success percentage to 'statusnotes' div on /tunnels new sadie enhancement minor undecided
#2497 /graphs gets lost after soft router restart new sadie defect minor undecided
#2474 I2PSnark: illegal characters as a short description. new zzz enhancement trivial undecided
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