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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2775 Can't view any emails (Susimail NoSuchMethodError) accepted zzz defect major undecided
#2783 Repeated battery optimization dialogs Android 10 assigned idk defect major undecided
#2793 Mitigate UDP MTU mismatches new zzz defect major undecided
#2766 Hardenize I2P Tunnels: Remove OLD singatures new enhancement minor undecided
#2771 UDP EstablishmentManager tries to resend expired messages new zzz defect minor undecided
#2772 Tunnel Wizard using ElGamal encryption as default new sadie defect minor undecided
#2773 Description of enabling SSL for the Tunnel looks misinformed new defect minor undecided
#2774 Compatibility for OpenBSD new enhancement minor undecided
#2780 i2psnark webseed new zzz enhancement minor 0.9.49
#2782 Round down retransmit size new defect minor undecided
#2784 Taskbar icons Android 10 assigned idk defect minor undecided
#2792 Drop or fix PeerState.MAX_MTU new zzz defect minor undecided
#2794 Prevent message ID 0 infoneeded_new defect minor undecided
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