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#2 fixed Wrapper not restarting i2p on windows after a soft-restart. hottuna

Im running java 1.6.5 on a vista premium x64 box.

The only log-msg I get is "jvm exit code 4"

#11 fixed bug with peer time sync anonymous

i recently discovered a bug with the time syncronization with peers. every 2h or so i got an error message like this and all peers where dropped: ERROR [Timestamper ] net.i2p.util.Clock : Ignoring clock offset 111458ms (current 197940ms) since it would increase peer clock skew from 1s to -85s. Broken server in

my clock is indeed not correct, but i think thats what the ntp servers are for. after setting router.clockOffsetSanityCheck=false the error didn`t occure again. at least until now after more than a week uptime (thanks complication ;))

this bug is reproducible (withturning clockOffsetSantiyCheck back on).

For discussion see: http://zzz.i2p/topics/149

#1062 fixed If initial RTT > initialRTO it never gets updated Zlatin Balevsky

If the RTT to a peer is really higher than initial RTO (9000ms) then all packets get resent and the RTT/RTO never get updated. Observed in i2psnark.

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