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#1 fixed News Fetcher Fix zzz

Stop requesting news from Complication every 10 minutes

#246 fixed fail on mprotect kernel? HungryHobo, tuna, sponge, zzz zzz

rotfuchs> <icewaterman> wrapper.log says: "Unable to create a timer thread: 1, Operation not permitted" and then it dies <rotfuchs> <icewaterman> all i did was applying regular updates to that box (kernel & other security updates) <rotfuchs> <icewaterman> ever since it fails to start <rotfuchs> <icewaterman> vulpine: i found my problem<rotfuchs> <icewaterman> vulpine: i am using a kernel which does enforce a no textrelocations policy <rotfuchs> <icewaterman> it didnt before but it seems the libraries shipping with i2p are not yet compiled as PIC <rotfuchs> <icewaterman> TEXTREL lib/ <rotfuchs> <icewaterman> TEXTREL <rotfuchs> <icewaterman> TEXTREL <rotfuchs> <icewaterman> vulpine: at least it now starts after i disabled mprotect for i2psvc <rotfuchs> <icewaterman> vulpine: since it now works (and java binary also has mprotect disabled) i can stay with i2psvc anyway

#273 fixed Several 0.8.1 i2psnark issues zzz zzz

See http://zzz.i2p/topics/767 for more details

  • tracker info links don't work in dillo, possibly non-compliant with html standards
  • other html compliance issues
  • img alt text not consistent with folliwng text, no space between alt text and following text (e.g. DownRateRate?)
  • img tooltip duplicates following text (e.g. img tooltip says Torrent and following text says Torrent) - in this case the tooptip should be deleted
  • popup that shows full Tracker Error is gone
  • attempt to prevent line breaks is not fully successful esp. with some translations, better to handle it
  • Maybe stopped mitsubishi should be red instead of purple?
  • General comments about eyes bleeding, hard to read, etc.
  • In file manager, you renamed 'Do not download' to 'Ignore' which is confusing people
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