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#468 fixed Handling resume and large clock shifts zzz zzz

The RouterClock? class should detect large clock shifts forward or backward. Forward probably indictates a formerly sleeping PC that has resumed.

RouterClock? should call a registered callback. This is not the same as the ClockUpdateListener?.

In the callback, the router should, if the shift is big enough:

  • Interrupt NTPClient to force an immediate update
  • Step-adjust rather than slew the offset retrieved from NTP
  • Flush all output queues in the transports
  • Flush all output queues in I2CP
  • Drop all NTCP and UDP connections
  • Check for a new IP (UPnP etc)
  • Kill all tunnels
  • Kill all pending tunnel builds
  • Force a profile reorganize
  • If it's big enough a shift (hours or days), "soft" restart the router (but not all the way to the wrapper). After 3 days most of the routerinfos will be killed unless we restart. But soft restart isn't well-used or well-tested now (only called on /config.jsp big changes), it probably needs work.

Or maybe anything over a couple minutes requies a soft restart.

to be researched.

#490 fixed Remove duplication in console_ar.css hamada zzz

console_ar.css was obviously created by copying console.css, instead of including only what needs to be overridden. For maintainability, please remove everything in console_ar.css except the overrides.

#496 fixed Seedless: Remove dependency on net.i2p.i2ptunnel.web sponge zzz

In Feb. 2010 seedless started using classes in net.i2p.i2ptunnel.web which are in i2ptunnel.jar. At the time I advised that that was a bad idea as those classes are used only by the webapp and were due to be moved to i2ptunnel.war.

In July 2010 I added the following note to the classes:

 * Warning - This class is not part of the i2ptunnel API, and at some point
 * it will be moved from the jar to the war.
 * Usage by classes outside of i2ptunnel.war is deprecated.

I would now like to move the classes to the war for the reasons stated above and because they are increasing the size of the Android app unnecessarily.

Please remove the dependency and release a new plugin version. Thanks.

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