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#58 fixed Returns same email message regardless of which is selected directedition@…

I have four emails in my susimail account. No matter which email I select with the web-client, it returns the first message I opened when I started my session. susimail?show=1 susimail?show=2 susimail?show=3 All return the same. Even susimail?show=-1 returns it.

I can view other messages by logging out and back in again.

#61 fixed i2psnark - errors reading seed (completed) torrents ../i2p/i2psnark (Ubuntu) zzz fort1

After i2p start only about 4 seed (completed) torrents are loaded. There is not a question of "creating storage" - the files are completed.


16:32:36.148 ERROR [k DirMonitor?] org.klomp.snark.SnarkManager? : Error in the DirectoryMonitor? java.lang.RuntimeException?: Could not create storage: Permission denied

at org.klomp.snark.Snark.fatal( at org.klomp.snark.Snark.<init>( at org.klomp.snark.SnarkManager?.addTorrent(SnarkManager?.java:504) at org.klomp.snark.SnarkManager?.monitorTorrents(SnarkManager?.java:758) at org.klomp.snark.SnarkManager?.access$500(SnarkManager?.java:28) at org.klomp.snark.SnarkManager?$DirMonitor?.run(SnarkManager?.java:716) at at

#64 fixed web interface of I2PTunnel is buggy zzz i2pn00b (n00b@…
  • open link:
  • choose HTTP from the New server tunnel dropdown list
  • click Create button
  • fill in the Port form field (the only one that is marked in red)
  • scroll down and hit Save button
  • I get the error message 'Invalid form submission, probably because you used the 'back' or 'reload' button on your browser. Please resubmit.'

This happens almost always. This means that in about 5 cases out of ~100 the tunnel was created and I didn't see this error message.

I have tried this in at least 3 GUI browsers.

People on IRC said this looks like a nonce problem, that something similar used to happen earlier, then it was dealt with, so it is considered to be fixed now. Well, it is not. I was also told on IRC by at least one more i2p user that he experiences the same problem.

My next step was to try emulating the browser by using a HTTP speaking library. I used the following python code:

#!/usr/bin/env python 

import time 

import mechanize 

b = mechanize.Browser()'') 
b['type'] = ['httpserver'] 
r = b.submit() 
b['targetPort'] = '4488' 
b['privKeyFile'] = 'eepsite1/eepPriv.dat' 
r = b.submit() 
s = 
open('log', 'w').write(s)

After running it, I refreshed link: and I saw 3 (yes, three!) new tunnels there. This seems to be wrong as well. I don't know it there are 3 tunnels created or if it's just the web interface that displays redundant things, but this is certainly not the expected result.

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