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#118 fixed Typo in: Logging Options tramp
Description Dafault: "Max log file size: 10,00 MB" Save: Specified file size limit is not valid (10,00 MB) - not updated

Comma instead of point

#120 fixed UPnP parser exeption, I always get it zzz anonymous

itte fügen Sie folgende Informationen dem Bug-Report hinzu:

I2P version: 0.8-0 Java version: Sun Microsystems Inc. 1.6.0_18 (Java™ SE Runtime Environment 1.6.0_18-b07) Platform: SunOS x86 5.11 Processor: uninitialized (unrecognized) Jbigi: Native BigInteger? library jbigi not loaded, reason: 'Dont know jbigi library name for os type 'SunOS - using pure java Encoding: UTF-8 Berichte der Kritischen Ereignisse

No log messages Router Berichte (ändern) Ort der Datei: /home/user/.i2p/logs/log-router-0.txt

  • 11:44:54.909 FEHLER [Thread-14 ] org.cybergarage.util.Debug : org.cybergarage.xml.ParserException?: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Content is not allowed in trailing section. at org.cybergarage.xml.parser.JaxpParser?.parse(JaxpParser?.java:121) at org.cybergarage.soap.SOAPRequest.getRootNode( at org.cybergarage.soap.SOAPRequest.getEnvelopeNode( at org.cybergarage.upnp.event.NotifyRequest?.getPropertyList(NotifyRequest?.java:176) at org.cybergarage.upnp.ControlPoint?.httpRequestRecieved(ControlPoint?.java:546) at org.cybergarage.http.HTTPServer.performRequestListener( at Caused by: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Content is not allowed in trailing section. at at at org.cybergarage.xml.parser.JaxpParser?.parse(JaxpParser?.java:106) … 6 more
#212 fixed Please save iMule by adopting it as an official part of I2P radiant

The author of iMule has been gone for more than one year. It is a very dangerous situation and this precious jewel must be saved, before the iMule community dies.

Please consider this:

There are several advantages of iMule over BT. Unlike BT, iMule uses the KaD network and thus is completely decentralized and uncensored (BT tracker sites are a single point of failure and are censored; in iMule/KaD, the tracker and search engine are both available at a single place in the client app UI, but they cannot be shut down or censored, because the service is distributed and decentralized).

Illegal material in imule/KaD cannot offend anyone because it is not visible (not posted on tracker site boards or anything). To be offended you would have to search for it first.

Please save iMule and the huge KaD network in I2P! THANK YOU!

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