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#2373 fixed susimail attachments zzz LeBleu

Hi !

Is this a bug?

I made several experiences sending and receiving messages between clear-web and I2P using the susimail client.

Sending clear-web to I2P: everything works fine and I notice that the attachments are automatically compressed in ZIP format (for more security !)

Sending I2P to the Web in plain text: simple messages are well transmitted. If there is an attachment, susimail places the message in the drafts folder and is never sent. Whatever the nature of the attached file (TXT, PGP, IMG, ZIP…), sending mail becomes impossible.

Has anyone encountered the same problems? Is it possible to send attachments between parallel worlds ?

Thank you for your help.

  • Google automatic translation, sorry -

System : UBUNTU 18.04.1 LTS - bionic JAVA : openjdk 10.0.2 I2P : 0.9.37-0

#975 worksforme Not forwarding cookies keeps some websites from working Lerianis

There is an issue where not forwarding cookies like one person informed me that i2p does keeps some websites from working, mainly various forum websites that use VBulletin. I have no idea why this is because some websites work while others do not work.

#976 fixed Impossible to go to https sites via i2p Lerianis

Okay, a lot of log-in websites have gone to https in order to protect the passwords of people's logins. The problem I am having is that i2p refuses to connect to ANY https website.

I've set https proxy in Firefox to like another user of i2p told me to do and it's not working.

While there is a possibility that I have the wrong port number for https traffic via i2p, that is the consensus on 4 websites I have gone to and the main i2p website as to what the port number should be.

I have absolutely no clue as to how to fix this issue (it appears to be a problem with i2p itself and not a problem with the person using it) but I am willing to do any troubleshooting steps advised.

I bumped this up to a major issue, sorry if that is not the proper procedure.

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