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#246 fixed fail on mprotect kernel? HungryHobo, tuna, sponge, zzz zzz

rotfuchs> <icewaterman> wrapper.log says: "Unable to create a timer thread: 1, Operation not permitted" and then it dies <rotfuchs> <icewaterman> all i did was applying regular updates to that box (kernel & other security updates) <rotfuchs> <icewaterman> ever since it fails to start <rotfuchs> <icewaterman> vulpine: i found my problem<rotfuchs> <icewaterman> vulpine: i am using a kernel which does enforce a no textrelocations policy <rotfuchs> <icewaterman> it didnt before but it seems the libraries shipping with i2p are not yet compiled as PIC <rotfuchs> <icewaterman> TEXTREL lib/ <rotfuchs> <icewaterman> TEXTREL <rotfuchs> <icewaterman> TEXTREL <rotfuchs> <icewaterman> vulpine: at least it now starts after i disabled mprotect for i2psvc <rotfuchs> <icewaterman> vulpine: since it now works (and java binary also has mprotect disabled) i can stay with i2psvc anyway

#268 fixed I2P 0.8.1 Auto Permission Change zzz anonymous@…

Problem: The 0.8.1 release contains…, for increased security, files created by the router [which] will now be readable only by the owner (mode 600). First, I would like to mention that this update has the potential to increase security for general users, but it needs to be an *option* that users can turn-off and turn-on.

Details: Having I2P automatically setting the permissions of files created by the router has many drawbacks.

For example, if a user wants to run I2P as su/sudo/root to allow I2P to listen on ports less than 1024, such as some ports that are unblocked in certain countries, files would be written with root permission. This is a problem when a users I2P folder is located: /home/username/I2P. Having all files created by the router as root would mean that torrents, eepsites files (uploaded by I2P users), and configuration files, such as the wrapper.config would only be accessible by root, and not by the user. Many of these files change often, and the user would be left changing their permissions constantly.

Solution: Leave file permissions up to the user and their operating system in some fashion.

Contact: anonymous@… or I2P-Bote anonymous@UiOyDubkXv?-51aN3YhnKxmMmasa5zBujBUoxXSXUWZmVVRV2A12hHJZYGdAHTrIvjZe6ijXA4m1QmUlxJTtBsWMx1IQeamlXRtfLRHc0UULa-J4ZLhGr~KFuqh51QydTgk~92B3wop3Fq8NpS~lXyBtc3OpjP~E5hU48TKigV1BcZ7fMt3Y9ENlJW0oEXqX2Hc5qK~j67iC52pz1jWVi5SqqZ2cnRgAO6ur7eAFrW9LE5JVKj4f4XzatXPa-WlxFdgXbt6PIIPQtYilkTHNHjpOzOwCKELGmDrKJrmKUmHNEdYtXFcW5Z2J-TziD3SDDzeUVb7gi1-Lr2fgOgXi1MdN-~l7dfy-MbO2izmIIim7zFVyICTem~5BEIq9FCF67j~9mHQDjroqFDgVVuvoZg-Z1SfIgyBTz32AlPElO21hsYpeXFbqJOScCDutgEgGpNI5pH2McC-rQU0pABw~hJd4XbtDfNYLigB~wokIfpXi77jOpdvLr-ojIFEWrgS

#273 fixed Several 0.8.1 i2psnark issues zzz zzz

See http://zzz.i2p/topics/767 for more details

  • tracker info links don't work in dillo, possibly non-compliant with html standards
  • other html compliance issues
  • img alt text not consistent with folliwng text, no space between alt text and following text (e.g. DownRateRate?)
  • img tooltip duplicates following text (e.g. img tooltip says Torrent and following text says Torrent) - in this case the tooptip should be deleted
  • popup that shows full Tracker Error is gone
  • attempt to prevent line breaks is not fully successful esp. with some translations, better to handle it
  • Maybe stopped mitsubishi should be red instead of purple?
  • General comments about eyes bleeding, hard to read, etc.
  • In file manager, you renamed 'Do not download' to 'Ignore' which is confusing people
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