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#2558 fixed Move Router Stats to Advanced Settings zzz sadie

Can we consider moving All Routers and All Routers With Full Stats to Advanced Settings? If access to this information is not necessary for most users to see it can be hidden. Related to ticket 1354.

#2557 fixed Network Hidden Bug zzz sadie

Version 0.9.40-10 Started I2P in Tunis - Network was hidden. Returned to Canada - Network was still set to Hidden mode. Restarted - remained in Hidden mode. Had to de select "hidden" from preferences, restart.

#2556 fixed FireFox CVE-2019-11707: Type confusion in Array.pop Meeh anonymous maybe

All types of Firefox and TBB and so as I2P Browser are now effected to:

Mozilla firefox now upgraded through all channels , TBB didnt push the update yet.

So better to be aware of that on the current version of I2PBrowser is effected to this vulnerability.

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