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#1950 not a bug "I2P service was never running" stevenu06

I'm using a Ubuntu ver 16 virtual machine. I followed all instruction on downloading i2p, However when i run the terminal command to start the router, my browser never pops up and I cannot access i2p home page. I've tried manually and still nothing. However when I stop the service the message I receive is it was never running. Could someone please help, as I could not find this error anywhere else online and I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this. The help will be much appreciated thank you for your time.

#742 wontfix "Idle" status based on OS user idle time Zlatin Balevsky

Right now idle status is determined on whether i2p router itself has been used. This is annoying because it takes a while to re-open the client tunnels and eepsites sometimes timeout.

A little JNI code and a little extra code abstraction can detect the last time the user interacted with the system in any way (moved a mouse, typed something) and solve this problem. This will increase load on the network a bit, but provide better user experience. In the studies we did @ LimeWire, the increase in network load was negligible.

I think I even have the code for Windows, OSX & Gnome somewhere. Headless & server deployments of course would continue using the in-router idle time.

#760 wontfix "Instant Death" debug mode Zlatin Balevsky

Sometimes an error state is entered that is really a symptom of something else. It's hard to discover the underlying cause by looking at logs or stack traces alone. (example #758).

We could have an opt-in "instant death debug mode" where selected (or all) error states trigger a thread dump, heap dump, any other diagnostic info and then restart the router. Such mode would be enabled by default for -dev builds.

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