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#1264 fixed "Monotone Guide" : missing information for newbies viha12

Just before the following section it should be explained that the Monotone tunnel ( ) have to be activated before to enter the commands "$ mtn —db="" -k "" pull "mtn:// …".

"Pulling the i2p.i2p, i2p.www and i2p.syndie branches"

#1411 fixed "NTCP Pumper" thread is eating all available CPU power. DjJeshk

After two day usage java started to eat all available CPU power. Opened it with Process Explorer and saw that one thread is eating CPU. Suspended it. Looks like one tunnel failed unexpectedly and i2p does not care about it. After failed thread suspension CPU load is back to normal. I2P works as expected before and after thread suspension.

After some minutes I2P hung, resumed that thread and I2P restarted. Log: wrapper | Pinging the JVM took 727 seconds to respond. jvm 4 | CRIT [mer 6WmH 4/4] net.i2p.util.Clock : Large clock shif t forward by 17m jvm 4 | CRIT [uterWatchdog] 2p.router.tasks.RouterWatchdog?: Router appears h ung, or there is severe network congestion. Watchdog starts barking!

#959 fixed "Network: OK" when UPnP fails zzz DISABLED

After a physical router reboot and subsequent net connection loss and restore, I2P looks for its UPnP service, and fails to find it, since the physical router is still starting up. "UPnP has not found any UPnP-aware, compatible device on your LAN." After this, it does not look again for a UPnP, and the UDP port is never re-opened via UPnP. Despite this, it displays Network: OK despite that it cannot get any connections, and it displays a 0 participating tunnels forever. This only occurs if the physical router is rebooted while I2P is still running. Restarting I2P makes it look for the UPnP service once its back up, and corrects the problem.

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