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#2759 fixed Automatic blacklisting of routers in same country for routers in hostile countries zzz Reportage

To complement automatic hidden mode for routers in potentially hostile countries, additionally automatically blocklisting routers in the same country and principalities might be considered. This would make it harder for hostile routers in hostile countries to enumerate routers running in hidden mode, where the act of running a router might itself invite negative consequences including arrest, detention, confiscation of hardware etc.

As an example, given recent developments in Hong Kong, it's not inconceivable that activists running I2P might attract the attention of the Chinese govt, so grouping China, Hong Kong, Macau and related Chinese-governed territories and blocklisting all routers in these countries on other routers running in the same group may afford some protection to users in these countries.

Additionally, this feature might be used to implement something similar to Tor's excludeExitNodes directive, where specific country codes can be specified to automatically blocklist/prevent local tunnel builds with routers in a given country.

#2758 fixed No limits on IRC server txype tunnel Eche|on


No more "limit connections to x/min/hour/day" in IRC server type.

IMHO those were available before.

I2P version: 0.9.46-3-1 Java version: Debian 11.0.7 (OpenJDK Runtime Environment 11.0.7+10-post-Debian-3deb10u1) Wrapper version: 3.5.30 Server version: 9.4.15.v20190215 Servlet version: Jasper JSP 2.3 Engine JSTL version: standard-taglib 1.2.5 Platform: Linux amd64 4.19.0-8-amd64 Processor: Ivy Bridge (coreisbr) JBigI status: Locally optimized native BigInteger? library loaded from file GMP version: 6.1.2 JBigI version: 4 JCpuId version: 3 Encoding: UTF-8 Charset: UTF-8 Built By: Undefined

I want to limit the connections to 20 new connections/minute, or alike.

#2757 duplicate Followup on Ticket: Privacy Issue with i2psnark DHT nuser

So I have seen 2 tickets on this topic. Am I right in saying that you could be deanonymized by this tactic. If someone is able to find out what you are sharing, and knows what your router hash is, they can find out your IP. Maybe someone could clear up this confusion. Thanks

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