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#22 fixed Implement http proxy/socks support _d3r3k4

Implement http proxy/socks support

Please implement http proxy and socks support so I2P installations which are in areas behind restrictive firewall can access Internet via http proxy or socks server.

Modifing java opts for I2P (-Dhttp.proxyHost etc.) doesn't work.

Implementations can be: =======================

  • native (http proxy and socks):

I'm not sure if native socks support supports remote DNS queries, which should be supported by I2P so router doesn't do its own DNS queries and thus these queries are not potentionally logged on firewall.

  • native (http proxy) and jsocks lib (socks):

jsocks lib should support more options for socks protocol.

#24 fixed I2P doen't accept option for Router I2CP port zzz d3r3k4

I2P by default listens on 7654 for clients, there's option mentioned at (i2cp.tcp.port) - i put it in router.conf but it is not taken by I2P.

Please correct this behavior. This would impact situations if one would like to run multiple I2P routers on same machine.

#25 fixed debian rules for building package of I2P are not up-to-date d3r3k4

debian 'control' file has old version (0.7-0).

Source: i2p Maintainer: jrandom Section: net Priority: optional Homepage: Build-Depends: java-sdk, ant Recommends: libgmp3c2 Version: 0.7-0 Tags: implemented-in::java, interface::daemon, network::client, network::server, role::program, security::cryptography

FYI - having this in main brach is not really OK as I think debian doesn't allow building of packages from source version systems, also there would be always problem how to detect version which was took from monotone.

I would recommend to have this only in release brach and to always modify version to version of release version.

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