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#2537 wontfix Clashes between Noscript and I2Pconsole sadie anonymous maybe

As we all know that Java Script is the poison honey of the web , it has nice looking but its running on the user space which lead to many security flaws and deanonymization.

Best practice is to keep Noscript always on to block any unwanted JS while the user surfing the web. Issue here that there is JS located in I2Pconsole itself meaning Noscript/I2P Browser best security practice clashes with I2Pconsole.


Bad: Add I2Pconsole as Trusted to Noscript so it wont block JS in it. but dont forget we are allwoing JS in the end and which remove the whole idea of Noscript in the browser.

Best: Clean JS from I2Pconsole and keep it safe by default.

I have already done a proposal for that:

#2532 fixed Remove "New Identity" & "New Tor Circuit" from browser menu idk anonymous maybe

These are Tor specific features

#2529 fixed Add I2P bookmarks instead of TorProject idk anonymous maybe

its better to replace Tor Project with I2P links , so that users wont go there or confused.

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