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#2756 duplicate Privacy Issue with i2psnark DHT zzz diehard

I have read the previous ticket on this topic…Is this not a huge privacy risk? If someone can find out your router hash (so also your real IP) and what you are torrenting, then you've been busted, right? Maybe I understand this the wrong way, so someone could maybe clarify.

#2753 not a bug Add pop-up for verification when deleting tunnel anonymous maybe

Create new tunnel then go

press on the created tunnel, an press on delete= boom gone, same as if you pressed on cancel.

This is dangerous if user miss click cancel or save and pressed on delete.

Better add a pop-up or warning page:

Are You Sure You Want To Delete This Tunnel?

or any other message.

#2749 fixed Make sure all tunnels on ed25519 anonymous maybe

Fresh installation of I2P , not all tunnels configured to use by default best signature available.

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