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#969 fixed router-console: I2P Job Queue page is not localizable zzz Exaryn

The page located at /jobs has lots of strings that could be translated, but they're not in the .po files on Transifex, so I presume those are not marked for gettext for localization.

#1314 fixed Participating Traffic While in Hidden Mode ExtraBattery

I experienced the following with I2P 0.9.13 and before.

Sometimes I run an I2P router on one of my devices in laptop and hidden mode (both modes at the same time). Even though I am in hidden mode, it can happen that I have a little participating traffic (happens rarely, but does). Not that I bother much, but is this a bug or is this what the router is supposed to do? Could an attacker use this to increase the exposure of someone who is in hidden mode?

The other question is: Why did someone request to have a tunnel routed through me while I wasn't publishing myself for that? Does this indicate a bug in that the I2P router sometimes asks other routers to route traffic, even if said other routers didn't even publish their IP address for that?

#1315 wontfix Use of Authenticated Encryption zzz ExtraBattery


it states that: "SSU (the UDP transport) encrypts each packet with AES256/CBC with both an explicit IV and MAC (HMAC-MD5-128) …"

Isn't MD-5 completely outdated? So even if an HMAC is used, shouldn't the hash algorithm be changed back to SHA-256 for security?

Even better AES-GCM (authenticated encryption) might be used, which would probably also perform better than encrypting with AES and then hashing with MD-5. Steve Gibson has recently released a nice C-implementation of AES-GCM into the public domain, including test-vectors. It could be ported to Java and then used throughout the I2P router, possibly reducing packet size and at the same time increasing security.

Just saying.

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