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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#467 i2p 0.8.6 does not install defect major 0.8.7 installer
#507 sealing violation: can't seal package javax.servlet: already loaded defect major 0.8.8 apps/console
#545 org.neodatis.odb.NeoDatisRuntimeException (was: all tunnels turn yellow) sponge defect major 0.8.12 apps/plugins
#856 Crypto review/migration task major api/crypto
#1888 preparer transition to pqc task major undecided api/crypto
#1980 logs.jsp defect major n/a unspecified
#2200 openjdk-9 installer crash on fresh ubuntu 16.04 server Meeh defect major soon installer
#2254 Enable Trac notifications via susimail Meeh enhancement major undecided trac
#2515 Developing over Monotone is a security flaw - SHA1 break defect major undecided other
#349 Random tunnel collapse due to possible plugin problem. (i2p-bote/streaming) sponge defect minor 0.8.5 streaming
#407 INSTALL PATH defect minor 0.8.4 installer
#548 Unable to compile missing defect minor 0.8.12 installer
#598 Starting from init.d seems to ignore TAHOEHOME in /etc/default/tahoe-lafs defect minor other
#607 Add ident.i2p into router welcome page enhancement minor apps/console
#608 domain i2p doesn't works defect minor 0.8.13 apps/console
#615 java7 jdk does not built i2pinstall.exe with launch4j defect minor 0.9 package/other
#640 please delete zzz enhancement minor 0.9.1 apps/i2psnark
#746 ssh over i2p? defect minor 0.9.3 unspecified
#871 Syndie ... How to ??? enhancement minor apps/syndie
#879 remote console in FAQ is wrong defect minor 0.9.5 www/i2p
#899 SOCKS5 Ports defect minor apps/i2ptunnel
#909 I2P router listen only IPv6 on IPv4-Ipv6 dual-stack computers defect minor 0.9.5 router/transport
#924 Null pointer exception somewhere at susimail defect minor apps/susimail
#925 High message lag in 0.9.5 and 0.9.5-13 zzz defect minor 0.9.6 router/transport
#929 i2ptunnel and routerconsole lag when we load too many things at a time defect minor apps/i2ptunnel
#943 Explicit is better than implicit. enhancement minor 0.9.7 wrapper
#988 Nack'd packets get retransmitted twice Zlatin Balevsky enhancement minor 0.9.8 streaming
#990 IRC real name bug defect minor 0.9.8 apps/i2ptunnel
#1001 subscriptions.txt edited in webinterface won't save last line unless a newline is appended defect minor 0.9.8 apps/addressbook
#1005 Question - can use proxy/VPN/Tor/whatever in front of I2P? enhancement minor unspecified
#1008 i2p weirdness in logs defect minor 0.9.8 unspecified
#1029 1 1 defect minor unspecified
#1074 Light theme overlap in Windows defect minor 0.9.9 apps/console
#1235 Orchid: ISE at shutdown defect minor 0.9.27 apps/plugins
#1236 Orchid: Possible memory leak defect minor 0.9.27 apps/plugins
#1243 router console page gives help that isn't helpful defect minor 0.9.13 router/general
#1371 IPv6 and vhost in I2PTunnel not functional defect minor 0.9.15 apps/i2ptunnel
#1441 I2P complains about firewalled ports over cryptostorm VPN zzz defect minor undecided router/transport
#1468 subscriptions for Bote enhancement minor undecided apps/plugins
#1542 Change shared clients destination frequently for enhanced anonymity defect minor undecided apps/i2ptunnel
#1798 123 defect minor undecided unspecified
#1799 2242 defect minor undecided unspecified
#1940 Clarify choices on address helper save page str4d enhancement minor undecided apps/i2ptunnel
#1958 i2pbote: Missing subethasmtp jar str4d defect minor n/a apps/plugins
#1971 Client tunnels for shared clients "PERFORMANCE WARNING - Settings include high tunnel quantities." defect minor undecided unspecified
#2180 Trac old stable and SSL certificate Meeh enhancement minor undecided trac
#2181 JCP and Jetty are outdated inside I2P defect minor undecided unspecified
#2207 Turn off I2P webserver (eepsite) inside Clients str4d defect minor undecided apps/jetty
#2235 I2PSNARK Automatic highest priority for most rare pieces in swarm zzz enhancement minor undecided apps/i2psnark
#2359 Supporting Handshake Protocol enhancement minor undecided unspecified
#2442 Option to disable SSU Peer Test zzz enhancement minor undecided router/transport
#2544 Deprecate I2P-Bote specific issues since its migrated Meeh defect minor undecided trac
#1476 Bote P2P update mechanism enhancement maintenance undecided apps/plugins
#21 foo defect trivial www/i2p
#288 Bugreport enhancement trivial other
#303 rename misleading term "shared clients" defect trivial 0.8.12 apps/i2ptunnel
#387 Broken Link in Router Console defect trivial apps/console
#910 Snark reports inflated numbers of peers zzz defect trivial 0.9.5 apps/i2psnark
#1464 Consider implementing totally new crypto zzz enhancement trivial eventually router/transport
#1878 Super Möglichkeit mit Zodiac defect trivial undecided unspecified
#421 restarting from desktopgui Mathiasdm defect obsolete apps/desktopgui
#896 Seedless in I2PSnark zzz task obsolete apps/i2psnark
#911 i2pSNARK fatal storage error zzz task obsolete 0.9.5 apps/i2psnark
#1435 Ticket list viewing gone killyourtv defect obsolete 0.9.18 trac
#1549 router falls at different intervals killyourtv defect obsolete undecided wrapper
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