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#4 i2psnark can't resume torrent files that contain more than one file zzz defect blocker api/data
#2439 Disabling NTCP1 causes NPEs zzz defect blocker 0.9.39 router/transport
#1814 I2P-Bote not sending messages after upgrade from 0.3 to 0.4.3 defect critical undecided apps/plugins
#307 Unable to create socket manager zzz defect major 0.8.3 api/data
#326 returns 500 Internal Server Error welterde defect major 0.8.2 www/i2p
#399 reseed broken welterde defect major 0.8.4 other
#405 JVM Crash (followed by ERROR: There appears to be another router already running!) defect major 0.8.6 wrapper
#426 Error reading and router.keys defect major 0.8.5 router/netdb
#449 Error starting up the client class net.i2p.i2ptunnel.TunnelControllerGroup defect major 0.8.5 apps/i2ptunnel
#527 eep proxy bug zzz defect major 0.8.12 apps/i2ptunnel
#573 big downloads fail zzz defect major 0.9.4 streaming
#700 Seedless / Bote errors HungryHobo defect major apps/plugins
#749 i2p keeps crashing on debian squeeze defect major unspecified
#1023 Tracker error locks up snark zzz defect major 0.9.9 apps/i2psnark
#1059 "Error in funtion:" i2p-maintainer's ppa broken killyourtv defect major 0.9.9 package/ubuntu
#1127 syndie: java.sql.SQLInvalidAuthorizationSpecException: invalid authorization specification - not found: USER defect major apps/syndie
#1234 0.9.11-21-rc crash while shutdown (1st of the 10 minutes) defect major 0.9.12 router/general
#1402 Router thinks it is firewalled even though it is not zzz defect major router/transport
#1614 I2P killed all network at midnight, no sign in logs zzz defect major 0.9.21 router/transport
#1754 Graphs page crashes JVM defect major 0.9.28 apps/console
#2049 Problem accessing /i2pbote/network.jsp , Reason: Server Error str4d defect major undecided apps/plugins
#2314 Snark penalized under higher load enhancement major undecided router/general
#2669 stopping https tunnel will lead to stopping http tunnel defect major 0.9.44 apps/i2ptunnel
#7 Update router console home page with current live web sites enhancement minor router/general
#248 error log, maybe susimail related, as the mail never is sent defect minor 0.9.13 apps/susimail
#340 Seedless errors - no space left on device sponge defect minor apps/plugins
#343 JVM crashing zzz defect minor other
#355 Inactivity timeout ??? defect minor 0.8.3 streaming
#357 NPE in shuttting down I2P 0.8.1 defect minor router/general
#470 critical logs defect minor 0.8.7 apps/i2ptunnel
#471 Exception: new wrapper defect minor 0.9 wrapper
#485 web site www.i2p2.i2p layout in Russian defect minor www/i2p
#486 Graphs Errors zzz defect minor 0.8.8 apps/console
#530 ERROR [P reader 2/4] .transport.ntcp.NTCPConnection: I2NP message too big zzz defect minor undecided router/transport
#541 Issues with font handling for jRobin on OpenJDK 1.6.0-23 defect minor 0.8.11 unspecified
#620 NTCP Pumper NullPointerException zzz defect minor 0.9 router/transport
#667 entries in private and master addressbock reappear after deletion defect minor 0.9.4 api/naming
#762 NTCP outbound queue stuck zzz defect minor router/transport
#764 Switch for: i2snark.autoStart=[false|true] enhancement minor apps/i2psnark
#822 tunnel problem with to much concurrent connections defect minor apps/i2ptunnel
#839 Syndie NPE during shutdown defect minor apps/syndie
#864 i2p won't install as a service killyourtv defect minor wrapper
#865 Pebble vulns defect minor apps/plugins
#892 Syndie archive not pushable defect minor apps/syndie
#894 Router console inaccessible defect minor apps/console
#938 i2p.client.I2PSessionMuxedImpl: Message NOT removed! then crit logs and i2psnark begins failing defect minor 0.9.7 streaming
#975 Not forwarding cookies keeps some websites from working defect minor apps/i2ptunnel
#989 NPE: router.tunnel.FragmentHandler zzz defect minor 0.9.8 router/transport
#1048 IllegalArgumentException: Error in the ntcp reader zzz defect minor router/transport
#1091 server tunnel limits work partly not zzz defect minor 0.9.9 streaming
#1218 buildI2PTunnelJar target does not respect the require.gettext setting zzz defect minor 0.9.13 apps/android
#1256 t.i2p.router.web.PluginStarter: Error starting up the client class net.i2p.jircii.GuiTest defect minor apps/console
#1305 readelf not found on startup killyourtv defect minor package/debian
#1419 Bind error - Address already in use. str4d defect minor 0.9.18 apps/android
#1431 Keys on debian repo kytv Eche|on defect minor 0.9.18 www/debianrepo
#1552 Remove sponge.i2p from router console? defect minor undecided apps/console
#1639 i2p firewalled if static ip defect minor 0.9.21 router/general
#1733 Error in the ntcp reader: AIOOBE zzz defect minor n/a router/transport
#1811 Fedora 24 Network: ERR-No Active Peers, Check Network Connection and Firewall defect minor undecided router/general
#2183 Susimail incorrectly shows cc: to primary recipient when bcc: is enabled zzz defect minor 0.9.34 apps/susimail
#2296 Android bug; net.i2p.crypto.SelfSignedGenerator.generateCRL Meeh defect minor 0.9.37 apps/android
#2342 reseeding through Tor/Socks5 seems to be not working zzz defect minor 0.9.39 www/reseed
#2348 i2psnark arm creates files before adding to index zzz defect minor 0.9.42 apps/i2psnark
#2356 Unable to set Website Hostname field on some routers defect minor undecided apps/i2ptunnel
#2379 NPE in ntcp reader defect minor undecided router/general
#2387 Add Donation Link To /home sadie task minor 0.9.39 apps/console
#2423 Random restarts on arm-machine defect minor undecided unspecified
#2510 Silent option for console install enhancement minor undecided unspecified
#2524 Duplicate tunnels shown in participating tunnels table on /tunnels sadie defect minor undecided apps/console
#2577 create a jdk project for the browser build scripts Meeh enhancement minor soon apps/browser
#609 Unfriendly log messages killyourtv defect trivial 0.8.13 package/ubuntu
#1420 incorrect f-droid fingerprints? defect trivial 0.9.18 www/i2p
#1568 Console UI broken in Firefox defect trivial undecided apps/console
#2283 ERROR [P HTTP Proxy] .i2ptunnel.I2PTunnelClientBase: Unable to build tunnels for the client defect trivial undecided unspecified
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