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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#374 findbugs SusiDNS defect maintenance apps/susidns
#375 findbugs SusiMail defect maintenance apps/susimail
#376 findbugs addressbook defect maintenance apps/addressbook
#377 findbugs systray defect maintenance apps/systray
#378 findbugs i2ptunnel defect maintenance apps/i2ptunnel
#380 findbugs naming defect maintenance api/naming
#381 findbugs streaming defect maintenance streaming
#383 findbugs console defect maintenance apps/console
#655 Move log calls out of synch blocks where possible defect maintenance other
#689 NTCP limit inbound queues zzz defect minor router/transport
#698 Message delay calculation zzz defect minor router/transport
#719 Add priority to FIFOBandwidthLimiter outbound queue zzz defect minor router/transport
#725 UPnP: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException zzz defect minor router/transport
#973 Don't start threads in constructors defect maintenance unspecified
#1040 Streaming half-close unused and broken defect minor eventually streaming
#1049 SSU multiple interface tracking zzz defect minor 0.9.27 router/transport
#1065 "portable" instructions in wrapper.config don't work defect minor wrapper
#1097 Implement restricted routes (and mixing/throttling/etc) defect minor unspecified
#1104 jsp processing failure does not abort build defect minor undecided other
#1105 Add SSL and auth options for BOB sponge defect minor apps/BOB
#1112 DH loss of entropy zzz defect minor router/transport
#1124 Wait longer for tagset ack defect minor router/general
#1126 Syndie de-install windows not working defect minor apps/syndie
#1154 Document peer selection fast tier slicing zzz defect minor soon www/i2p
#1200 Android tunnels fail after warm restart defect minor apps/i2ptunnel
#1213 Orchid: Excess circuit creation for unknown host defect minor apps/plugins
#1246 Syndie: java.sql.SQLDataException: data exception: string data, right truncation defect minor apps/syndie
#1259 Recognize transition to completely blocked UDP zzz defect minor 0.9.28 router/transport
#1284 Single part. tunnel to slow peer caused high message delay... defect minor router/general
#1410 Log directory path on windows defect minor undecided installer
#1418 server tunnel encryption, 3 tunnels created... defect minor 0.9.18 apps/i2ptunnel
#1438 Consolidate tracker status for all torrents zzz defect minor undecided apps/i2psnark
#1460 Add 64-bit launch4j windres and ld defect maintenance eventually installer
#1479 "Check for updates" reports "No update available" when there is an update defect minor undecided router/update
#1562 Bote ignores session exception str4d defect minor undecided apps/plugins
#1585 Tunnels can be built even without any peers? zzz defect minor undecided router/general
#1609 peer.failedLookupRate poor when not floodfill zzz defect minor undecided router/netdb
#1611 syndie closes when I press post the message button defect minor undecided apps/syndie
#1613 SSU packet ordering issues / restore multiple PacketHandler threads zzz defect minor soon router/transport
#1620 Improve translation update process defect minor undecided other
#1634 No expl. tunnels after soft restart for backwards clock shift defect minor 0.9.22 router/general
#1655 IKVM.NET JRE issues defect minor eventually installer
#1684 i2psnark: Optimize for solid state drives zzz defect minor undecided apps/i2psnark
#1685 Large log files unpruned by zzzot defect major undecided apps/jetty
#1688 Rekey on copy defect minor undecided router/general
#1724 NetDb lookup reduction and negative cache improvements zzz defect minor 0.9.24 router/netdb
#1766 Tag missing i2ptunnel strings defect minor undecided apps/i2ptunnel
#1767 Add mockito dependency docs str4d defect minor 0.9.27 api/utils
#1822 I2Phex standalone will not start properly zzz defect minor undecided apps/other
#1834 SSU PacketPusher outbound routing error zzz defect minor 0.9.28 router/transport
#1835 Handle blocked UDP better zzz defect minor 0.9.28 router/transport
#1848 IPv4 Auto Detection Fails defect minor undecided router/transport
#1893 i2psnark: data loss on restarts zzz defect minor 0.9.30 apps/i2psnark
#1915 I2PPacketDispatcher: Invalid datagram received defect minor undecided api/utils
#1944 Syndie v1.107b : error messages in the logs when sync with a archive defect minor undecided apps/syndie
#1951 IPv6-only mode says IPv4 firewalled in Routerconsole defect minor 0.9.31 router/transport
#2012 Router listens on public interface when local address is configured as 127.0.0.X instead of defect minor undecided router/general
#2024 New UI in 0.9.31 is slow in firefox. Some page is not scale properly str4d defect minor 0.9.33 apps/console
#2081 Local Susimail cache should be encrypted with user's password defect major undecided apps/susimail
#2086 Allow manual configuration of outproxy host/port/proxy type for HTTP(S) client tunnel defect minor undecided apps/i2ptunnel
#2097 ANR in defect minor undecided router/general
#2099 Rework FileUtil.extractZip() to expose error messages defect minor undecided api/utils
#2112 Implement global tracker state zzz defect minor 0.9.35 apps/i2psnark
#2113 Clock adjust during startup prevents router from starting defect major undecided router/general
#2122 eepsite fails to load after 200 OK in jetty logs defect minor undecided router/general
#2132 Split up Debian Package zzz defect minor 0.9.42 package/debian
#2146 Ensure proxy tunnel is active before checking for plugin updates after major i2p update defect minor 0.9.35 router/update
#2170 Convert package.html files to defect maintenance undecided other
#2279 Debian: Reproducible build zzz defect minor 0.9.46 package/debian
#2303 Snark does not restart clean on OSX High Sierra zzz defect major undecided apps/i2psnark
#2305 Existing torrents do not start properly from info hash zzz defect minor undecided apps/i2psnark
#2337 Windows Installer doesn't seem to properly detect JRE under RUNASINVOKER defect minor undecided installer
#532 Don't enforce streaming connection limits on conns from internal clients zzz enhancement minor streaming
#618 Linear search under lock in net.i2p.client.I2PSessionImpl2::receiveStatus(...) enhancement maintenance api/i2cp
#699 Various small tweaks to reduce object churn zzz enhancement maintenance router/transport
#730 Default snark download location should not be "hidden" zzz enhancement minor apps/i2psnark
#745 utp support? zzz enhancement trivial undecided router/transport
#752 backup keyfiles enhancement minor apps/i2ptunnel
#774 ACKSender study & optimizations Zlatin Balevsky enhancement minor router/transport
#859 Cut down on I/O optionally on embedded devices enhancement minor router/general
#905 What a mess with log files in Windows :-( enhancement minor wrapper
#1051 change Windows start menu entry line enhancement minor 0.9.27 installer
#1067 Combine i2psnark sender threads zzz enhancement minor apps/i2psnark
#1131 Add SSL mutual authentication support enhancement minor api/i2cp
#1139 "Semi-shutdown": Temporarily stopping accepting participating tunnels. enhancement minor apps/console
#1143 Move whitelist/blacklist from streaming to I2CP enhancement minor api/i2cp
#1170 Implement Pluggable Transport API zzz enhancement major eventually router/transport
#1188 Check for OBEP/IBGW transport compatibility enhancement minor eventually router/general
#1222 Java web start installer enhancement minor installer
#1274 Easy Backup Button for I2P enhancement minor api/general
#1306 Need armv7 wrapper enhancement minor 0.9.33 wrapper
#1308 i2psnark: limit download bandwidth zzz enhancement minor 0.9.18 apps/i2psnark
#1519 Managed update rollout enhancement minor undecided router/update
#1632 Collect and analyze download statistics enhancement minor soon other
#1716 SSU RelayRequest via IPv6 zzz enhancement minor undecided router/transport
#1788 Optimizing throttling to make better use of router bandwidth within user-specified limits enhancement minor undecided router/general
#1838 Add tooltips to I2PSnark that show exact byte counts where larger units are shown in the UI zzz enhancement trivial undecided apps/i2psnark
#1840 [arm64] Jbigi enhancement minor 0.9.32 api/crypto
#1928 Make Desktop File for Linux Install lazygravy enhancement minor 0.9.29 installer
#2036 Improve performance of ElGamal str4d enhancement minor soon router/general
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