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Showing objects tagged with '0.9.43'

  • #2016 task: Review and improve date format strings (closed: fixed)
  • #2175 enhancement: Mitigating the IPv6 firewalled issue (assigned)
  • #2459 enhancement: Susimail, remarks on the Web GUI. (assigned)
  • #2467 defect: Do not use isValidPort() on inbound connections (accepted)
  • #2506 enhancement: Time UDP bandwidth retrans precisely (new)
  • #2571 defect: Susimail should show 'To' column not 'From' column in sent and draft … (closed: fixed)
  • #2599 defect: GzipFilter? deprecated (new)
  • #2608 defect: Update izpack installer logo (assigned)
  • #2610 defect: SSL wizard broken by conf. split (closed: fixed)
  • #2615 defect: Cannot copy&paste i2p version in konqueror (closed: fixed)
  • #2621 defect: Reseed from URL stops working when upgrading to 0.9.42 (closed: fixed)