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Showing objects tagged with 'soon'

  • #1154 defect: Document peer selection fast tier slicing (open)
  • #1446 defect: I2P-Bote Android: Merge menus into a single one (assigned)
  • #1583 enhancement: "clearnet" tag to protect viewers from external content (assigned)
  • #1584 defect: Router can't handle IP/network change (accepted)
  • #1613 defect: SSU packet ordering issues / restore multiple PacketHandler? threads (open)
  • #1632 enhancement: Collect and analyze download statistics (open)
  • #1759 defect: website: wide tables overflow column (assigned)
  • #1920 enhancement: Maven: Add info/docs on website (assigned)
  • #2036 enhancement: Improve performance of ElGamal? (open)
  • #2134 enhancement: Handle ddos attacks better on core services (infoneeded_new)